Danielle Fitzgerald Obituary & Death Cause: Montgomery Al Incident Explained As Car Accident

26-year-old Montgomery resident Danielle Fitzgerald died on impact after getting caught in an accident.

Road accidents are not strange to the US highways as big trucks annihilated anything in their pathways. The four-wheeler is complex to control and requires years of experience to maneuver it in the right way.

Danielle Fitzgerald was a resident of Montgomery who was unfortunate enough to get in the way of one while driving on on Alabama 126 near the 5-mile marker.

It took two days for the authorities to identify her body as her name got confirmed only on Monday.

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Danielle Fitzgerald Obituary | How Did She Die?

Danielle Fitzgerald met her untimely demise after a vehicle crash became fetal. The incident occurred at 10 pm while she was driving her 2016 Chevrolet Cruz in the centerline.

The Montgomery post reported that a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 collided with her, ensuing in a cascade of events concluded in her immediate death.

Indeed, she was a force to get reckoned with as her death would deeply sadden her friends and family.

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Danielle Fitzgerald Age And Wikipedia- How Old Was She?

Montgomery resident Danielle Fitzgerald was only 26 years during her death as she was born in 1995.

As she was a regular person, details about her family and upbringing remain hidden from the limelight. We are sure her family is grieving as her friends expressed their condolences.

She was traveling in the car with her passengers Shealey and Angela but suddenly got stuck by a huge truck. Even though she died on impact, her companions got safely transported to the Baptist Medical Center South for medical treatment.

Who Was The Killer Of Danielle Fitzgerald- Did He Get Arrested?

Danielle Fitzgerald died after a pickup driver by the name of Peter T. Shealey ended up crashing into her car. The 56-year-old man was a native of Lanett. Police have yet to arrest the assailant as investigations are still ongoing as the cause of the mishap remains anonymous.

Niesha N. Williams was behind the lady and managed to avoid the path of destruction after swerving, but caused him to strike a nearby guardrail and subsequently catch on fire.

51-year-old Gory S. Prince from Fayetteville got caught in the incident as his car got set aflame.