Danielle Caruana aka Mama Kin Net Worth: How Rich Is John Butler Wife?

Mama Kin has a net worth of $700,000 from her profession as a singer.

Australian singer Danielle Caruana is famous for her stage name Mama Kin, and she grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Newport. She was born into a musician’s family; hence her passion for music began from a young age.

Mama began writing songs in 2006 and played classical piano from the age of five to sixteen. She grew up listening to her sister Carmen’s songs, so she regarded her sister as her first inspiration, who taught her some basic skills about music and encouraged her to follow her passion.

Here is some basic information about the singer shown in the table below:

Quick Facts:

Real Name Danielle Caruana
Stage Name Mama Kin
Birth Place Australia
Siblings 5
Husband John Butler
Childrens Banjo and Jahli
Profession Singer, songwriter
Years active 2006–present
Net Worth $700,000

Danielle Caruana aka Mama Kin Net Worth

Mama Kin has accumulated $700,000 from her flourishing career, according to

Kin is a talented singer and songwriter who has released two albums, Beat and Holler and The Magician’s Daughter. After the release of these two songs, her fame took a notable height, and the audiences began appreciating her talent.

She started writing songs in 2006, and her songwriting expertise is quite commendable. Before beginning her solo career, she sang on albums by her husband.

The singer introduced her first recording in 2008, which was an EP, Papoose. Following this, she came up with a single, “Tore My Heart Out,” in 2009 and received immense admiration for this song.

Beat and Holler was her first and foremost debut album, written almost entirely on an old Wurlitzer organ. This album was mainly concentrated on the part of herself, which was later nominated for Best Blues and Roots Album at the AIR Awards of 2010.

After three years, she released The Magician’s Daughter, the album named after her mother, which was also selected for the ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots Album at the [[ARIA Music Awards of 2013.

Her song “Mama Kin” won the Best Folk Act award in The West Australian Music Industry Awards (WAMIs).

Moreover, Mama made a good fortune from her profession and lived a healthy lifestyle with her family. From the beginning, she was focused on enhancing her talent, and her devotion to the music industry is worth appreciating.

John Butler Wife Mama Kin: Married Life

Mama Kin walked down the aisle with John Butler in Broome in 1999.

The pair first met in Fremantle, Western Australia, and felt a strong connection. Since John also belongs to the music industry, it was quite easy for the couple to understand each other.

John is a renowned American-Australian singer, songwriter, and music producer who is mostly known for his band John Butler Trio. He is the frontman of the group who has committed throughout these years to making their group recognized globally.

The couple has been married for about twenty-three years, but their bonding is really astonishing. Even though both of them have different tastes in music, they respect each other’s opinions.

Most Interestingly, The John Butler Trio’s song “Daniella,” released in 2007, is about his wife, Caruana.

Do They Have Children?

Yes, the musical couple John Butler and Mama Kin share two children together.

John and his spouse, Kin were blessed with a daughter, Banjo, and a son, Jahli. Following their parents’ footsteps, both the kids play music and are captivated by the musical instruments.

Also, the pair adopted a son, Alex, who is also a musician; a complete family of musicians currently resides in their home in Fremantle.

Kin says they live a creative, challenging, and alive life together with their kids.

Their Age Difference

John Butler became 57 years old in 2022, and Mama Kin looks like she is between 40 to 43 age; hence there may be 3 to 5 years of age gap between the couple.

Butler established John Butler Trio, a roots and jam band, in 1988 in Fremantle, Western Australia, and he is famous as the frontman of the group. This trio has released d five studio albums, among which three have reached number one on the Australian charts.

Even though there are some years of difference between the husband and wife, they look like a perfectly matched couple. Both of them encouraged each other to rise immensely in their career.

Mama Kin and John Butler Family Background

Mama Kin is the youngest child of the family, born five years after her fifth sibling.

Her parents are of Maltese extraction, and her earliest musical memories are of singing with her big sister. Nonetheless, her musical journey began with self-doubt, at one point so pervasive it crippled her.

Kin’s mother is a daughter of a professional magician who also inspired her to pursue a career in the music field. Also, her brothers Nicky Bomba and Michael Caruana trained her to become successful career musicians, and their younger sister floundered.

Moving towards John’s early life, he is a son of n Australian father, Darryl Wiltshire-Butler, and an American mother, Barbara.

In January 1986, his parents decided to part ways, and his father moved the family to Western Australia. His grandmother handed him a 1930s dobro belonging to his deceased grandfather at the age of sixteen, from where he started playing guitar.

He began his musical career in a band called Vitamin, and since then, he has been devoted to his profession and recognized as one of the most hardworking musical artists.