Dan Ewing Wife Marni Little – Age Family and Net Worth

It has already been five years that Dan Ewing and his wife Marni Little got separated. Let’s find out how Marni has been doing all these years. 

Marni is popularly known for being the ex-wife of the TV personality Dan Ewing. The couple even has a seven-year-old child together.

After Marni Little got diagnosed with breast cancer, she has got in all over the news. Not long ago, she also had suffered from a miscarriage.

Well, the good news is she got recovered from cancer. She has also shared her cancer-free experience on her social media.

Dan Ewing Wife Marni Little

Well-known as an ex-wife of an actor Dan Ewing, Marni Little is also known for being an Instagram star.

As an Insta celebrity, she has a lot of fan followers on her account. Many of her posts are of her with her child.

Marni seems to be a bit private person regarding her personal matter. She was just in the spotlight due to her ex-husband.

Although many of her details remain unknown, she is very active on her social media.

She keeps on posting her pictures on the media and keeps her fan followers updated.

Marni Little Age Explored

Marni was born on 11 July 1983. As of 2021, she is 38 years old and has got the sun sign of cancer.

According to her IMDb profile, her birthplace was in Melbourne, Victoria of Australia. As of now, she lives in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Being her age, she has already acquired the height of success as a writer and director.

She got married to her ex-husband in 2012 when she was 29 years of age. Then had her first child at the age of 32.

When her baby was just a year old, the couple decided to broke up and live separately.

Marni Little Family: How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Marni and her ex-husband both have moved on with their life. Now, Marni has got her own family that she lives with happily.

She remarried her husband, Dave Robertshaw, and also has a son together named Charlie Joseph Robertshaw.

Marni lives with her four members of the family at present, her husband, her first son Archie and her young son.

Her current husband, Dave, cares for her and has been of great support in her life.

Fun Fact; Dave, pass out when he was in the delivery ward with Marni and got sent to the recovery ward.

Though she has not talked much about her earnings, her net worth is expected to be around $1 million to $ 5 million.

Marni keeps on posting about her blissful family moment on her Instagram. Her handle is @marni_little.

There are 40.6k followers on her account. Her bio includes her as a writer and co-creator.