Country Superstar George Jones’s Marriage To His Wife Dorothy Bonvillion Did Not Even Last A Year

George Jones married Dorothy Bonvillion in the 1950s. Dorothy is his first wife and they were together for a year.

The singer was married four times; among them, his marriage to Dorothy was the shortest.

His incredible and one-of-a-kind vocal skills made him one of the most notable vocalists in country music history.

The veteran singer began his recording career in the early 1950s in East Texas, and he was still strong at the turn of the century.

But it was more than his longevity or the almost holy purity of his hardline country instincts that made Jones such a towering, influential figure: he was one of country music’s last vital links to its rural history.

Jones was a well-regarded performer in his profession. For his expressive and candid approach, music critics have compared him to Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday.

George Jones and Wife Dorothy Bonvillion Had A Short Married Life

George Jones and ex wife Dorothy Bonvillion were a married couple. George is one of country music most essential performers.

The couple married in 1950 and got separated in 1951. Dorothy and George had a daughter Susan Jones from their brief marriage.

Dorothy filed a complaint claiming her ex-husband had a “violent temper” and was “addicted to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.”

Jones’ excessive drinking and on-the-road use of amphetamines caught up with him in 1967, and he was taken to a neurological hospital to get treatment for his drinking. Jones would go to great lengths for a drink if he was thirsty.

After three unsuccessful marriages (to Shirley Ann Corley, Dorothy Bonvillion, and fellow country artist Tammy Wynette), the troubled star met 34-year-old Nancy Sepulvado and married her in 1983.

His first marriage lasted one year, his second marriage lasted over 14 years, and his third was with country singer Tammy Wynette.

George Jones and Dorothy Had A Daughter Named Susan

Dorothy Bonvill and George Jones have a daughter named Susan. George has four children including Susan.

Jones and Bonvillion’s marriage was so brief that they divorced before Susan turned one.

Susan is married to Harmon Smith and lives a peaceful and happy life. The couple has two children, Michael and Jennifer, and also grandchildren who are twins.

In a 1992 interview with People, George stated that he was proud of Susan. And it appears that he was as well with his great-grandchildren.

George and his other wife, Shirley Ann Corley, married after Susan was born. Before divorcing in 1968, they had two boys, Bryan and Jeffrey. He married Tammy Wynette in 1969, and they had a daughter, Georgette, a year later.