Corona CA Shooting Update: How Is Anthony Barajas Doing?

Anthony Barajas is a popular TikTok personality who recently got shot during a shooting at the Corona Movie Theater. Here is more about the incident.

Anthony Barajas is currently on life support after being shot at the Corona Movie Theater. The incident took place Monday night inside the movie theater while the movie “The Forever Purge” was on.

Anthony was at the movies with another teenager, Rylee Goodrich. Kyle was also shot and is dead. The 19-year old TikTok star, however, is at the hospital undergoing treatment.

Is Anthony Barajas Alive Or Dead?

Anthony Barajas is still alive at the moment. However, we don’t know how long that will be true since he is at the hospital fighting for his life.

He is injured with life-threatening conditions after being shot at the Corona Movie Theatre on Monday night. His condition is getting worse by the minute and is surviving on life-support.

Update On Corona CA Shooting

The shooting at The Corona Movie Theatre occurred during the screening of “The Forever Purge”, however, the victims were only found while cleaning.

The employee at the theatre said, ” Nobody heard the gunshot during the movie. We do have security bag checks on a daily basis but unfortunately, this was either missed or it was in a holster on their belt.”

It has been concluded that Anthony was at the theatre with another teenager, Rylee Goodrich. Rylee was 18-year old and was shot in the head. She died on the spot.

Rylee was home on summer break from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Her family has been devastated after the news.

Anthony, in turn, is currently battling life-threatening injuries at the hospital and hopefully will make it through.

Who Is Anthony Barajas TikTok?

Anthony Barajas is a media personality on TikTok. He has gathered more than 1 million followers on the social media app.

Barajas is quite famous on the app, where he posts different types of videos about his own life. Thousands of his fans have been devastated by the news and are hoping for Anthony to be well soon.

Despite being famous on TikTok, there is not much information about Anthony’s parents and other family members.

Anthony Barajas On Instagram

Anthony can be found on Instagram under the username @itsanthonymichael. He has managed to gain 41.5k followers on the platform by making about 46 posts.

He shares pictures of a bunch of different things on the account. His mother, Catharine Soto Barajas, is also present on Instagram. His last post was with his mom.