Cong stages walkout from Guj Assembly over Lumpy virus issue

Gandhinagar, Sep 22 (IANS) The Congress MLAs on Thursday organized a walkout from the Gujarat Gathering while at the same time requesting remuneration to individuals who’s dairy cattle stock have been impacted by the Knotty infection.

Prior, the Congress MLAs had looked for a conversation on the issue, which was denied.

The Resistance seat’s senior MLA Punja Vansh raised the Knotty infection issue and requested opportunity to discuss the issue in the House, which was denied by the Speaker. This resistance in fight organized a walkout.

Vansh affirmed that Uneven infection broke out in May in the state, from that point forward lakhs of cows have died, “the heartless government has neglected to show responsiveness even in discarding the bodies.”

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The Congress was requesting Rs four lakh pay to the impacted individuals who have experienced the misfortune, and furthermore to remunerate the pastoralists for the cow-like passings.

“These days a cow costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakh. Those families which are absolutely subject to creature farming have been seriously impacted by the abrupt passings of cows.

Their vocation is impacted and for their endurance pay ought to be given,” said Vansh.

Vav MLA Geniben Thakor claimed that till the Knotty infection was not controlled, the public authority ought to act successfully to save the cows.

“The decision party got chosen on Cow votes, yet it neglected to extend regard and awareness towards cows when knotty struck,” said Thakor.

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