Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Husband Noah Galuten And Wedding Details

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger husband Noah Galuten is a cookbook author. Iliza got married to Noah on 12 May 2018.

From a young age, Iliza has been performing on stage. She studied at Emerson College, where she was a member of comedy sketch groups.

Moving forward, she continued doing stand-up comedies, and winning the ‘Last Comic Standing’ on NBC in 2008 paved the way for her in the entertainment industry.

In 2013, her first comedy special ‘War Paint was released on Netflix, followed by her second special ‘Freezing Hot’ in 2015.

The following year, ‘Confirmed Kills’, her third special premiered. In 2022, her sixth and latest comedy special ‘Hot Forever’ was released by Netflix.

Shlesinger has played in movies and TV series as well. On the other hand, she has a kind heart. In 2019, she adopted a homeless dog named Tian Fu.

She is a witty and talented comedian, born on February 22, 1983, as a Jew. She is 40 years old now.

Noah Galuten Is A Chef

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger husband Noah Galuten works as a culinary artist for a living. Noah has expertise in developing sustainable recipes.

However, it was not a straight and easy path where he found success effortlessly. At the start of his career, Galuten tried his hands at playwrighting, but to no avail.

Then, he began a food blogging site ‘Man Bites World’ where he used to write about food and all its aspects. It became huge and many doors opened for him, including the position of chef at Golden State Restaurant Group.

Other restaurants of the culinarian are Cofax and Prime Pizaa. Not only that, he participated in the reality show ‘Chopped’ in 2016.

He also appeared on 2 episodes of his other half’s podcast ‘Ask Iliza Anything’, and ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’.

Noah completed his education at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004. His schooling was done at Santa Monica High School.

Galuten is a Published Author

The illustrious cook is a James Beard nominated writer of three books, The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook, On Vegetables, and Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook.

The first book ‘On Vegetables’ was launched in 2017. This book is a safe haven for all vegetarians, where he has given 160 easy-to-cook recipes.

Noah’s second book which he co-wrote with Kevin Bludso, ‘Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook’ was published in 2022. As the name suggests, this book has barbecue recipes.

‘The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook’ primarily entails plant-based recipes that are extremely good for one’s overall well-being. Meanwhile, his wife Iliza has written the foreword for this book.

Some exciting recipes include fresh herbed panko-crusted Mozzarella Marinara, 30-second Vegan Tahini Dressing, and Krauty Beans, among many others.

Noah Galuten is a YouTuber

The experienced chef has a YouTube channel named ‘Don’t Panic Pantry’ with more than 8000 subscribers. Noah joined the video-sharing platform on March 22, 2022.

He posts content every Monday, and sometimes, he is accompanied by his wife as well. One of his most loved videos is the one where he makes tomato sauce.

Likewise, Galuten has shared recipes and hacks for pizza, crispy cheese burritos, crispy bar pies, hamburgers, fried steak sandwiches, and so on. In one of the latest uploads, he teaches his viewers how to make bacon beer beans, and cafe de olla.

Dad Albhy Galuten

Noah was born to his mom and dad Albhy Galuten on the 21st of September, 1982 at their home in Santa Monica.

Albhy is an American futurist, music composer, and producer. Albhy has knowledge of musical instruments like guitar, piano, and keyboards.

His soundtracks for movies and shows like ‘Raw Deal’, ‘The A-Team’, ‘Staying Alive’, and ‘Huwag hamakin! Hostess’ are quite popular. Some of the hit singles of the renowned record producer are ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘Love You Inside Out’, ‘Woman in Love’, and a few others.

Galuten has won the coveted Grammy Award two times. Presently, he is serving as the technology executive at Agora.

Albhy is a 75-year-old veteran musician who was born on the 27th of December, 1947. He studied at Berklee College of Music located in Boston to hone his musical craft.

All in all, the Grammy winner musician is a big name in the music industry. His contribution to the music sector is unmatched.

Mom Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons is the founder of Nancy Lyons Garden Design company. Her company is about to complete 25 years since its inception in 1998.

Nancy was immensely influenced by her dad who was passionate about gardening. So, she decided to do something with horticulture and got enrolled at UCLA to polish her skills in growing plants and designing gardens.

Iliza and Noah Relationship

Iliza Shlesinger has relished almost 5 years of marital bliss with her spouse Noah Galuten. The couple dated for 2 years before finally settling in 2018.

They often travel around the world together. In October 2021, they went to Basel, Switzerland. For New Year’s, they went to Iceland.

2016: Iliza and Noah’s First Meet

In today’s tech-savvy world, Iliza and Noah also made the best use of technology and they found each other online through a dating app.

Because Iliza was quite popular in the entertainment world, she surfed anonymously through the dating app. They matched on the app and started talking.

By the time Shlesinger came clean about who she was, the pair had already fallen in love.

2018: Shlesinger Wedded Galuten

Shlesinger and Galuten did not take too long to understand each other and knew they were compatible. So, a year later in 2017, they got engaged.

On the 12th of May, 2018, the lovebirds turned from girlfriend and boyfriend to man and wife. The marriage ceremony was held in the City View Penthouse at the South Park Centre.

That day was special for the couple, and her cousin Brett Konner officiated the wedding. Iliza donned a bridal gown with a plunging neckline on her special day.

As per US Magazine, she hand glued 534 rhinestones and pearls on her outfit for her big day. The duo chose a vegetable-based menu created along with Jeremy Fox for the cuisine.

Iliza Shlesinger Kids

Iliza Shlesinger kids include a daughter named Sierra Mae Galuten. Sierra Mae was welcomed into the family on the late night of January 13, 2022.

The stand-up comedian broke the news about her pregnancy on stage while performing in San Antonio in August 2021.

A few days after her daughter’s birth, Iliza shared a series of pictures, and wrote, “I had been dreaming of the moment they would pull her out and put her on my chest and I could look at her little face. I got what I came for.”

Well, producing a baby is not so easy, Shlesinger went through her share of hurdles. Only after 27 hours of labor and 75 minutes of power pushing, she delivered her little girl safely.

During the time of her birth, Sierra weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces as per People. Meanwhile, she was around 51 centimeters.

Besides, the new mom is completely aware of the negative side of the internet in today’s time. Once something has been posted online, it is there forever.

So, she and her partner have chosen to not reveal their baby’s face as of now. Iliza writes, “She is gorgeous but her face is hers to share, not mine. So while I won’t show her, I will share us”.

And she does give a few glimpses of her daughter every now and then. As for why the couple chose to name their daughter Sierra Mae, it is because they wanted an eccentric yet easy-to-spell name for their adorable little girl.