Colette Producer Alice Doyard: Everything To Know

Alice Doyard and her Academy Award-winning Documentary “Colette” are trending in Wikipedia search. Here is everything you want to know about the producer.

Alice Doyard is a film producer and director from France.

She is one of the producers of The Guardian’s Documentary Colette by Anthony Giacchino in 2020. The documentary won the 2021 Oscars on 26 April.

Alice Doyard: Colette Producer

Alice is one of the producers of Colette that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Colette is a 2020 documentary directed by Anthony Giacchino.

The documentary is centered around Colette, who was a resistance fighter during the second world war.

She travels to Germany for the first time in over seven decades.

A teenager inspires her, and the young history student also convinces her to visit a concentration camp where she lost her brother. The Nazis tortured him.

What Is Alice’s Net Worth?

Alice has not disclosed her net worth.

She has kept her earnings and net worth private and has yet to disclose them to the public.

She is a successful filmmaker, so we are certain that she has a good earning and has a decent networth. However, we are still unaware of the exact figure to how much is her real net worth.

Alice Doyard Age

Alice Doyard has not revealed her age on public platforms. So, we have no idea regarding her age.

Nonetheless, judging by her appearance on the web, we can assume she is in her mid-30s to early-40s.

<strong>Is Alice Doyard On Wikipedia?</strong>

Yes, Alice Doyard has been featured on Wikipedia.

She also has her bio featured in IMDb, where her career accolades are listed.

Alice graduated with her master’s in Mathematics from the University of Paris.

She later studied digital film at DePaul University in Chicago. Then, she decided to be a filmmaker.

Alice also worked for many broadcasting companies, and among them were Arte and the BBC.