Claire Nicholson: Who is Les Dennis Wife?

Claire Nicholson s the wife of Les Dennis, a British television presenter, comedian, and actor.

The couple me in 2005 and married in Highgate on November 23, 2009. The couple has two children: a daughter born on April 24, 2008 and a son born on April 14, 2011.

Les talked up about his first encounter with wife and former HR worker Claire Nicholson in a 2023 interview with The Sunday Times.

He revealed that they met in 2005 at a charity event and claimed that his divorce from ex-wife Amanda Holden had left him emotionally closed off.

“After everything that had happened I felt damaged,” he said. “At times I just wanted to bugger off to Spain and retire to run away from all the pain.”

“I certainly wasn’t interested in another serious relationship. Claire, who worked in HR and now looks after our finances, was a lovely person and, yes, I did ask if she wanted to go out for dinner, but it was nothing more than me being polite.”

He continued, “Although Claire and I went on several dates, I couldn’t bring myself to commit. I convinced myself it wasn’t going to work. Then, after about four months, we were planning our first Christmas together and, out of nowhere, I found myself saying, “I love you.” The L word! Where did that come from?”

Eventually, the couple welcomed their daughter Eleanor in April 2008, before marrying the following year in Highgate, North London.