Chris Rea Wife: Meet Joan Rea

Christopher Anton Rea, the legendary English rock and blues singer from Middlesbrough, has not only graced the world with his soulful music but has also found enduring love in the arms of his wife, Joan Lesley.

Chris Rea and Joan Lesley exchanged vows and embarked on the journey of marriage, a commitment that has endured for decades. The couple, who met on April 6, 1968, has weathered the storms of life together, building a foundation of understanding and mutual respect that has become the bedrock of their enduring relationship.

Their union has been blessed with the joys of parenthood, as Chris and Joan are proud parents to two daughters, Josephine and Julia. In an interview with Saga magazine, Chris Rea offered a glimpse into the dynamics of their family life, revealing the warmth and camaraderie that defines their household.

Chris affectionately spoke about the morning rituals that have become their “golden moment.” Amidst playful elbow fights over coffee-making duties, the couple enjoys their large mugs of fresh coffee while catching up on the morning news.

Joan Rea, referred to as “Mama” in their household, plays a central role in this love story. The affectionate nicknames, with Chris being called “Papa,” extend to their daughters, Josephine and Julia, who have grown up witnessing the enduring bond between their parents.

As their daughters venture into their own paths—Josephine lecturing on Renaissance art in Florence and Julia pursuing studies at the University of St Andrews—Chris and Joan find joy in the unique journeys of their children. The family’s happiness is palpable, and Chris Rea expresses gratitude for having his daughters around, cherishing the moments they share.

Despite the demands of fame and a career in music, Chris Rea has found solace and strength in the unwavering support and companionship of Joan. Their love story is not just a testament to enduring romance but also a celebration of the simple, cherished moments that define a lifetime together.