Chris Rea Children: Meet Josephine Rea, Julia Christina Rea

Christopher Anton Rea, the iconic English rock and blues singer hailing from Middlesbrough, is not just a musical maestro on the stage; he is also a devoted family man.

Together with his wife Joan, Chris Rea shares the joys of parenthood, having two daughters who have ventured into their own unique paths—Josephine and Julia Christina Rea.

Josephine, born on September 16, 1983, has found her calling in the realm of art and academia. She currently serves as a lecturer specializing in Renaissance art in the enchanting city of Florence. Embracing the rich cultural heritage of this Italian city, Josephine immerses herself in the world of art, contributing her insights to the understanding and appreciation of Renaissance masterpieces.

In contrast, Julia Christina, born on March 18, 1989, pursued her academic journey at the University of St Andrews. The renowned Scottish institution provided a fertile ground for intellectual exploration, shaping Julia’s perspectives and fostering her growth.

Chris Rea, the proud father, enthusiastically shares glimpses of his daughters’ endeavors. He speaks with admiration about Josephine’s artistic prowess, acknowledging her talent for capturing intricate details in her paintings.

In a touching reflection on his relationship with his daughters, Chris Rea offers a glimpse into the dynamics of their family life. He appreciates the grounded nature of their interactions, emphasizing that, within the walls of their home, he is simply “25 per cent of the household.” This humility and genuine acknowledgment of familial roles highlight the warmth and camaraderie that define the Rea family dynamics.

Despite Chris Rea’s global acclaim and the adoration he receives from audiences worldwide, at home, he is not the celebrated rock star but a cherished father figure. His daughters, Josephine and Julia Christina, treat him with the same blend of love, humor, and occasional teasing that is characteristic of family life.