Chizzy is urged by Biggie to change in order to participate in Deji’s eviction.

Aniekwe Chidi Francis, a complex Nigerian business person, director, and unscripted television star, was born on October 14, 1993.

With the handle Chizzy BBNaija, he rose to conspicuousness in the Nigerian media.

He is as of now a contender on Big Brother Naija’s seventh time of unscripted tv. On August seventh, 2022, he began chipping away at the program.

With his impending expulsion, he has followed a similar strategy as Biggie did to Modella.

Chizzy has been told by Big Brother not to stand up as he calls the phony housemates forward. Remember that when Modella played out her task inadequately, he did likewise to her. This time, Biggie associated with Chizzy and Rachel to give them the standard that makes it evident who will be the close to be removed.

In view of how the made up flat mates play out their given errands, Biggie ousts them. Up to this point, just Chizzy has completed the job and inquired as to whether there is anything further he really wants to do of the phony housemates.

Chizzy addressed Big Brother, inquiring as to whether there was whatever might be finished to help him. Big Brother didn’t relegate him a particular undertakings to play out; all he was informed to do was live it up.