Chip Cunningham Age Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Elin Hilderbrand Husband

Elin Hilderbrand’s ex-husband Chip Cunningham’s age appears to be between 50-60 years old. To know more about him, keep reading the article.

Chip Cunningham is a United States native who worked at Cliffside Beach Club, an exclusive Nantucket island resort, as a manager.

He is best known for being the husband of Elin Hilderbrand, a successful American writer mostly of romance novels.

Chip met his now ex-wife, Elin, in Nantucket, when she moved there in June 1994.

He went on many trips around the world with his then-wife before their marriage. He also gave Elin a behind-the-scenes look at how an island beach club runs, which she used as a framework for her first novel.

Cunningham’s wife sticks to fiction and says that real life is messy, confusing, and boring. His ex-wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2014 but survived the ordeal.

Chip Cunningham Age

Chip Cunningham’s age appears to be 50-60 years.

Apparently, he is yet to reveal any information on his actual birthdate and birthplace to the public.

However, his age seems to be comparable to his ex-wife, Elin, who is 51 years old.

Chip Cunningham Net Worth

Chip Cunningham hasn’t disclosed any information on his net worth to the public yet.

As nothing is known about his working career except his time at Cliffside Beach Club, his current net worth can’t be predicted.

However, his ex-wife certainly has accumulated quite a fortune as she has written over 27 novels and some of them are very successful.

Is Chip Cunningham Divorced?

Yes, Chip Cunningham got divorced from his wife in 2015. Although, his wife says that they remain amicable.

Apparently, he got married to his then-wife Elin Hilderbrand in 1995 at the Chanticleer in Sconset.

He has three children, Maxx, Dawson, and Shelby Cunningham, with his former wife.