Pete Arredondo Salary, Political Party Background, Wife & Wikipedia Bio

Pete Arrendondo was the chief police who got fired, and now, people want to know about his salary, political party background, and wife with his Wikipedia Bio.

Pete Arrendondo is an American police officer who has been fired from his post of district chief. Pete’s contract as a member of Uvalde District Police had been terminated three months after a gunman took the lives of 19 children and two teachers. 

Pete was born and is a Uvalde, Texas, United States resident. The exact birth date of Pete has not been revealed, but we can guess him to be approximately around 50-60 years old. Pete is a family man with a wife and children, but he prefers to keep their details low-key.

Pete has not openly discussed his salary or net worth in public as he doesn’t feel the need to disclose it. Pete resigned from his post as a chief police officer after facing a lot of public lashing for his actions during the shootout at the Rob ElementarySchool. 

According to the resignation letter he sent to the head of the city and Pete Arrendondo, Uvalde synthesized the independent school district police department. Pete has tried to defend his actions, but the repercussions are too high to even justify him saying any statement.

Why Was Pete Arredondo Fired?

Pete has created a wave of rage in people for his actions for which he was fired from his position as the chief district police.

Pete has been held guilty for the actions he took during the shootout incident which took place in May 2022 at Rob Elementary School. Pete was fired from his post as the Uvalde chief district police officer after his name got dragged for not preventing the shootout.

The incident took the lives of a total of 21 people including children and teachers. The incident could have been minimized if chief police Pete had taken a better decision.

Pete was held responsible for using his post irrationally as he was found preventing nearly two dozen officers from forcing their way into a classroom to confront the gunmen and save the hostages inside the room.

Children and teachers of the school, the parents of the deceased, and the whole nation are furious about the situation created. According to time, the final testimony was given by the 10-year-old, Caitylne Gonzalez, where she said,” If law enforcement’s job is to protect and serve, why didn’t they protect and serve my friends and teachers on May 24?” 

Furthermore, she added, “I have messages for Pete Arredondo and all the law enforcement that were there that day: turn in your badge and step down! They don’t deserve to wear one!”

One of Pete’s supporters also claimed to address the fact that Pete, along with other several officers, was completely unaware about the fact of any occupants in the room with the shooter until entry was made, the shooter was engaged, and the officers stopped him. 

Chief Police Pete Arredondo has been fired from his post ultimately, but who is to be blamed for the death of all these innocent souls?