‘Chicago Fire’: Kidd And Severide Are ‘Hotter’ Than Ever In Season 11, Producers Tease

Chicago Fire gets going its 11th season Wednesday and the stakes are higher than any time in ongoing memory for the Firehouse 51 gathering.

The jam-squeezed season opener, named “Hold tight Close,” finds Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) wedding trip prevented by a hazardous person from previously. Meanwhile, Kidd’s past establishment partner, Sam Carver (Jake Lockett), joins the gathering at 51, setting up a stressed party for the couple.

On the sincere front, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) think about their tangled associations – – for Brett, with Casey, and for Violet, with Hawkins and Gallo.

“The unprecedented thing about a show that occurs as long as we have is that you get to diagram the improvement of these characters and move past the limits that you put on them in season 1,” pioneer producer/co-showrunner Derek Haas tells ET. “He’s a playboy, she’s tight. He’s a daredevil, she’s can’t manage things quite well.

Anyway, when you get to go this long you get to see, ‘Lord have mercy on us, no, hold on.’ Those things that happened before have made her into the individual that she is. All of the past offenses that he had have created him into a more important individual than he was beforehand.”

“Those are the things in season 11 you will actually want to see,” he continued. “Severide isn’t the individual he was since seasons 1 through 5. Brett is entirely unexpected than she was at the place where she was crying her eyes out after a crazy paramedic call. She’s more grounded than she’s anytime been. This shouldn’t infer that Severide and Kidd will be any less hot than they were.”

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CHICAGO FIRE SEASON 11 Presentation ET Played with Supplement NBC Pioneer producer/co-showunner Andrea Newman rehashed Haas’ perspective, avowing that marriage has not dulled Kidd and Severide’s force. “Without a doubt, somehow they’ve gotten more hot,” she adds. “We were examining the truth both of them had appalling influence model connections before them from their own people.

They’re making a completely surprising kind of relationship model and marriage than anything we’ve seen already. Besides, it’s, truly, there’s a great deal of power to it and they’re absolutely getting more blazing and more limit with each other in this new special.”

Showing up at season 11, the producers note, suggests the characters that fans have come to know and cherish for more than 10 years have broadened and high level, an impressive part of them entering new facilitates in their lives as they investigate marriage, new loves, calling headways and, on occasion, setback.

“This season, the stakes really have never been higher in a lot of ways for our people overall,” Newman goads. “The most ideal way to traverse when that kind of adversity strikes is to lay on each other. Our people are our family, as we by and large say. Likewise, that is the means by which they persevere, being maintained by each other.”

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“I’m so amped up for the key portion of this season considering the way that as contents come in and a while later as episodes come in, you absolutely get super, extremely stimulated,” Haas communicates, featuring episode 4 – – created by Newman – – as an element of the principal part of the time, alluding to it as “the best content I’ve tracked down in 11 years on the show.”

“It really had all that we do when we finish all that as necessary, which is authentic tendency and certified stakes designed onto these characters that you’ve come to know and cherish over the course of this time. [Episode] No. 4 is a fantastic one.”

Newman, in this way, got down on the fifth episode, which is Chicago Fire’s Halloween hour, as a correspondingly captivating one. “We have the stakes of [Chief] Boden expecting to pull off the best creepy spot ever at 51,” she says. “Episode 5 is wonderful Halloween-ness.” Chicago Fire debuts Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.