Cheer: Does LaDarius Marshall Have A Daughter? Kids And Family Life

La’Darius Marshall is an American cheerleader, who got famous appearing on the Netflix docuseries, Cheers. Marshall is a fan favorite and is loved very much by the viewers of the television series.

La’Darius Marshall is a celebrity cheerleader, who stars in the Netflix docuseries, Cheers.

The young cheerleader had gone viral for his dance moves in 2018 and had already been internet famous before appearing on Cheers.

Marshall works at Zero Gravity Athletics in Florida. He is there to help aspiring cheerleaders to become cheerleading stars.

The star was coached by head coach Monica Aldama in the first season of Cheer and had a great deal of respect for the lady. The television personality idolized to coach and even went on to admit to her being somewhat of a mother figure for the young cheerleader.

Although there seems to have had some trouble brewing between the two a while back, it seems the air has been cleared now and both the cheerleader and the coach are on good terms now.

La’Darius Marshall Wiki: Learn About LaDarius Marshall

According to La’Darius Marshall was born on May 09, 1998. The 23-year-old has been dancing for a while now.

Marshall was born in Walton, Florida, United States. He has stated that he identifies as bi.

The cheerleader has been cheerleading from a very young age. La’Darius has had a very tough life growing up.

He has even thought about ending his life before, but he says that he now feels safe.

La’Darius also aspires to become an actor someday. The young cheerleader’s life story has been very tragic, and it has garnered a lot of fans for him throughout the series.

La’Darius Marshall Kids and Family: Does The Cheerleader Have A Daughter?

La’Darius Marshall does not have a daughter. Marshall does not have any kids.

But the celebrity cheerleader does have a little sister, who he treats like a daughter. He can be seen being very proud of her on his social media pages.

It seems like the siblings have a very deep bond, and are very close to each other.

The cheerleader has had a hard life growing up. His experience with his family growing up has not been very pleasant.

La’Darius’ mother was sent to prison on drug charges when he was very young. This incident had a very big impact on the cheerleader growing up.

His relationships with his brothers does not seem to have been very healthy growing up either. They seem to have been quite rough with him growing up, because of him not being very manly.

Marshall also had another tragedy happen to him growing up. As per his account on the show, he was sexually abused by an older male when he was just nine years old.