Charlotte Church Siblings and Family

Charlotte Church siblings are her three half-brothers and one half-sister. Charlotte parents separated when she was only two years old.

Church is a singer, actress, and songwriter from Cardiff, Wales. She started her career as a child singing sensation. 

The 36-year-old released her first album titled Voice of an Angel at the age of 12 in 1998. Her debut album became an instant hit and no. 1 on the British classical crossover chart. 

In 1999, Charlotte released her self-titled second studio album with PBS. In the following years, the Wales native released four more albums, titled Dream A Dream, Tissues and Issues, Enchantment, and Back To Scratch.

Apart from her musical success, Church has also established herself as a talented actress. She has been a part of several movies and TV shows, including Heartbeat, I’ll Be There, Under Milk Wood, Catchphrase, and more.

Charlotte Church Family Is Huge

Charlotte Church siblings are Luke Reed, Alexander Reed, Elisha Church, and Andrew Church.

Luke and Alexander are her two younger half-brothers from her father’s side. Likewise, Elisha and Andrew are her adoptive dad James Church’s children from a previous marriage.

Charlotte was born in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, on February 21, 1986. Her parents are Maria Cooper and the late Stephen Reed. Unfortunately, Maria and Stephen split when the singer was only two years old. 

Four years after her parents’ divorce, Church’s mother got married to James Church. Her father also remarried in 1988, the same year he separated from Maria.

Here, take a look at each of Charlotte’s family members, below!

Luke Reed Lives A Normal Life In Cardiff With His Wife

Luke Reed is the younger half-brother of Welsh singer-songwriter Charlotte Church. 

He was born as the first child of Stephen Reed and Alison Reed. He has a younger brother named Alexander Reed.

Luke was born in 1988 and is currently 34 years old. He is only two years younger than his half-sister Charlotte.

When Reed was 16 years old, he approached Church for reconciliation. He walked up to the singer-songwriter and introduced himself. Despite his efforts, Luke got a cold shoulder from his elder sister. Although Charlotte exchanged, it’s highly likely that she never saw him again.

Luke goes by Lucius Reed on Facebook; however, he could not be found on other social media platforms.

He is currently in a relationship with Ellis Christensen-Secker. The pair resides in New Port, Wales.

Reed and Ellis are an adventurous couple. They often take part in hiking, swimming, diving, and more daring activities.

Alexander Reed Seems Distant From Charlotte

Church’s half-brother Alexander Reed is the second and youngest son of the late Stephen Reed and Alison Reed.

Alexander was born around 1992 and is currently 30 years old.

Singer Charlotte has not shown any intentions to meet her youngest half-brother. Church has often called her late father’s widow and children as strangers.

Alexander, who goes by Alex Reed on Facebook, is dating a girlfriend named Isobel Michas. The couple also has a son from their relationship.

Elisha Church Is Estranged From Her Family

Elisha Church was born as the daughter of Jayne and James Church. She is the elder half-sister of Wales musician Charlotte Church.

Elisha is 38 years old as of 2023; she was born in the year 1984. She was only six when James left her mother to be with his now-wife Maria. 

Although the two half-sisters were close initially, their relationship suffered a rift when James started prioritizing Charlotte’s career over his biological daughter.

Further, Elisha has blamed her stepmother Maria for putting too much pressure on the singer. 

Besides her estranged relationship with the family, Church has also been in trouble with the law. 

Back in 2005 when Elisha was 21, she was charged with the handling of stolen goods. She was cleared of the charges after two individuals were arrested in connection with the crime.

Andrew Church Was Arrested In 2008

Charlotte Church’s elder half-brother Andrew Church was arrested on suspicion of rape in 2008. 

As per Mirror, he was arrested by the South Wales police after a woman reported an “alleged attack” against her in February 2008. He was released on bail impending further investigation.

Andrew, who was 22 years old in 2008, is now 36 years old. He is the same age as his half-sister Charlotte. 

At the time of his arrest, Andrew was jobless and lived with his mother and her partner on a council estate located in Rumney, Cardiff.

Stephen Reed Passed Away In 2020

Wales singer Charlotte Church father Stephen Reed died of coronavirus on December 28, 2020. He was 56 years old at the time of his death. 

Reed was diagnosed with covid before Christmas 2020 and was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. He passed away before reconciling with his estranged daughter Charlotte.

Talking about his background, Reed was a graduate of Barry Comprehensive School. He also had a computer engineering degree from Swansea Metropolitan University. 

Stephen initially worked as an IT Security Analyst at an ICT integrator company called Getronics. However, he later changed his career and started working as a beekeeper.

Reed founded a company named Wildflower Honey Company and also served as its Chief Executive Officer. 

Throughout his life, Charlotte’s biological dad faced several financial hardships. According to New York Post, he filed for bankruptcy in 1995, which was the second time he filed the petition in 10 years. Eventually, in 1997, he was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison for not keeping proper records of his finances.

Two months after his release, Stephen received another sentence of two months for attempting to possess a credit card despite being bankrupt.

While he was living in poverty, his daughter had a luxurious life with her mother and stepfather. Charlotte became a singing sensation and earned over $10 million in 1999, while her father struggled to make a sustainable earning and lived in a housing project located in Cardiff.

Charlotte and Stephen lived only 12 miles apart but the actress showed no interest in resolving her childhood issues with her father. 

Stephen left Church’s mother when she was only two years old and got married to a podiatrist named Alison. The pair became parents to two sons named Luke and Alexander Reed.

Back in 2008, Reed attempted to mend his estranged relationship with his daughter. At the time, Church had a daughter named Ruby and was pregnant with her second child Dexter. 

The beekeeper blamed his former partner Maria for brainwashing Charlotte and making him look like the bad guy. According to Stephen, he didn’t want to reconcile with his long-lost daughter for her money but to be a part of his grandchildren’s lives.

Maria Church Owns A Dog Hotel And Grooming Business

Maria Church is the pioneer of the dog hotel business; she co-owns a company named Little Dog Hotel. 

The hotel is located on Little Mill St Brides Road, Cardiff. The business also provides services like grooming and providing shelter to pets when the owners are away. 

Maria shares the ownership of the company with Scott Halfpenny. The business partner opened up Little Dogs Hotel in 2021. The hotel has been a massive attraction for dog lovers and has received positive feedback from its clients.

Previously, Church served as the manager of her musician daughter. She was often criticized for allegedly putting immense pressure on Charlotte with some even calling her the “mother from hell.”

 Additionally, Maria was involved in multiple businesses in the past. She worked as a Housing Officer for the Cardiff City Council, owned a B&B, managed a pub, and ran a local boutique.

Maria got married to James Church in 1992, four years After Charlotte’s father left her mom. 

When the singer-actress was 16 years old, she left her mother and stepfather’s home following an argument. After Maria caught her smoking a cigarette, the artist and her mom got into a verbal argument.

Charlotte eventually sacked her mom and stopped talking to her for nearly two years. Fortunately, the duo later reconciled their relationship and remain close to each other. 

James Church Was Diagnosed With Terminal Illness In 2019

Charlotte Church adoptive father was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis in 2019. It is a rare illness that affects the functioning of the kidneys, nerves, liver, and heart. 

The singer-actress opened up about her dad’s illness during a session on This Morning. She mentioned that James remained strong despite suffering from the fatal illness. The disease is extremely rare and only affects 1 in 8 million people.

While there are no official updates on his health condition, Church remains alive and is fighting hard with the sickness.

James adopted the Crazy Chick hitmaker when she was only three years old and gave her his last name.

Before dating Maria Cooper, Church was married to his first wife Jayne. He left Jayne to be with the singer’s mother. 

His daughter Elisha has accused James of abandoning his biological children.

Meanwhile, Charlotte deeply respects her foster dad and can’t imagine a world without him.