Charlie Hill Grant

Facts of Charlie Hill Grant

Full Name Charlie Hill Grant
First Name Charlie
Middle Name Hill
Last Name Grant
Profession Celebrity Sibling
Nationality American
Birth City Lake Placid, New York
Birth Country United States
Father Name Robert Grant Jr
Mother Name Patricia Grant
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Sibilings Lana Del Rey and Caroline Grant
Date of Birth March 3,1993
Age 29 years

Charlie Hill Grant, in relation, is the sibling of Lana Del Rey. 

Lana real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is popular in the music industry. 

The lady served as a singer-songwriter and a record producer.

Lana Del Rey evolved in music as a child

Well, Lana is a popular name in the music industry in the current scenario. 

But as a child, too, she had that passion for music. 

She was raised in Lake Placid, New York

When she was small, younger Lana has developed an interest in music and started to sing in the church choir. 

The lady had also composed country songs. Later, Lana also learned to play guitar through her uncle.

Lana’s family, including her parents, were Robbed?

Before jumping into the topic, let us know what her parents are involved in professionally. 

Robert England Grant Jr. (father) was a copywriter but later turned into an entrepreneur, whereas Patricia Ann (Mother) was an account executive, which later turned into a teacher.

As given in topic, yes, the artist had been through this incident once, back then. 

She made the topic viral on her Twitter account, stating that all her stuff had been stolen from her family and also requested the thief to return the items or only the pictures that are gone missing.

Facts you need to know about Charlie Hill Grant Siblings

Charlie isn’t the only child of his parents but the youngest one among all his two siblings. 

Who are they? Both of them belong to the entertainment industry. 

Beginning with the celebrity artist, Lana Del Rey is a famous American singer-songwriter who debuted through the album Born to Die

The same album got in number two in the U.S. Billboard 200. 

On the other hand, Caroline Grant serves as a photographer specializing in several topics such as Fine Documentary, Portraiture, Music, and Album Art, including the Day in my life editorial. 

Also, Lana was seven years old, making Caroline four at the time of Charlie’s birth.

Lana’s view on dating men these days

Lana has dated several men in her life, starting with numerous rock musicians and producers named Steve Mertens, drummer Shannon Leto and G-Eazy, a rapper. 

Moreover, the lady had also dated her twin, a real one, not a facsimile

Furthermore, the lady has mentioned that relationships/dating are referred to as a creative process to her personally. 

Explaining the scenario, if one is in the relation, it’s sure that they had to go through the big impacts, adventures, or even the fallout. 

These entire incidents are inspirational for one to learn or remember and not at all grounding. 

After all, that is what she needed to keep going, the artist added.

Had she (Lana) been married to James O’ Neill?

Well, it’s still unclear if she was married or engaged to Barrie James O’Neill, a Scottish singer, and a songwriter. 

Even James didn’t know until an interview that they had parted their ways. 

The lady enjoyed the holiday with Francesco Carrozzini (an Italian photographer) even when she was in a relationship. 

Moreover, the artist mentioned that she liked to be with someone for the rest of her life and have children with him one day. 

Adding, she hopes to be like it in the upcoming future.

Net worth

Since Charlie’s financial information couldn’t be traced clearly, his sister Lana Del Rey’s total estimated net worth could be counted, making it $30 million.


  1. He is 27 years old.