Charles Saatchi Second Wife: Meet Doris Lockhart

The life of Charles Saatchi, the Iraqi-British business magnate and influential figure in the worlds of advertising and art, is a tapestry woven with unique relationships and a passion for the creative realm.

Central to a chapter of his life is Kay Hartenstein, his second wife, whose connection with Saatchi extends beyond matrimonial ties, delving into a shared love for art and the vibrant Southern belle community.

In 1987, at the Royal Academy’s “Modern British” show, Charles Saatchi crossed paths with Kay Hartenstein during a pivotal time in his personal life. At that juncture, he was in the process of separating from his first wife, Doris Lockhart,

The trajectory of Kay and Charles’s relationship evolved over nine months, culminating in a serious commitment that would span 11 years of marriage. The catalyst for their connection, as Kay recalls, was a shared affinity for art that went beyond casual appreciation.

Throughout their marriage, the Saatchis embarked on an artistic odyssey that took them through the labyrinthine world of London schools, warehouses, and artists’ studios. Driven by a shared passion for discovering emerging talents, the couple dedicated themselves to identifying the “next hot young things” in the art scene.

The Saatchi-Hartenstein union, however, was not destined to be a lifelong partnership. After over a decade of shared artistic endeavors and a life intertwined with the vibrant pulse of the art scene, Kay filed for divorce from Charles Saatchi on the grounds of unreasonable behavior. This marked the end of a chapter in Saatchi’s personal life, though his contributions to the art world continued unabated.