Charles Saatchi Children: Meet Phoebe Saatchi

Beyond the realm of advertising and art curation, Charles Saatchi’s legacy takes on a new dimension through the artistic endeavors of his daughter, Phoebe Saatchi-Yates.

Born to Charles Saatchi and his second wife Kay Hartenstein in 1994, Phoebe has emerged as a significant figure in the art world, making her mark as a curator and gallery owner.

In October 2020, Phoebe Saatchi-Yates, alongside her husband Arthur Yates, unveiled a new chapter in the Saatchi legacy with the opening of Saatchi Yates on Cork Street, London.

This venture marked a significant step for the Saatchi family, as Phoebe embarked on a journey to establish herself as a curator and gallery owner.

Since its opening, Saatchi Yates has become a notable platform for emerging artists, showcasing a diverse array of talent that reflects Phoebe’s keen eye for unique perspectives.

The gallery’s debut exhibition featured the mesmerizing dreamscapes of Lebanese artist Omar El Lahib. The powerful and evocative nature of Lahib’s work set the stage for Saatchi Yates as a space dedicated to thought-provoking and impactful artistic expression.

Phoebe’s role in shaping Saatchi Yates goes beyond mere curation; it reflects a vision for fostering artistic diversity and providing a platform for voices that may have been marginalized in traditional art spaces. Her dedication to showcasing talent that sparks conversations and challenges preconceptions underscores the Saatchi family’s enduring impact on the art world.