Cesar Montano New Wife: Is He Married To Sunshine Cruz? Kids And Family

The long-standing mystery surrounding Cesar Montano’s relationship status has been answered — he is married to Sunshine Cruz? People have been intrigued for years about who Cesar Montano’s wife was, with rumors about his ties to Sunshine Cruz continuing to arise sporadically.

Now, it appears that we have confirmation of the union, and a new Cesar Montano family is here to stay.

Facts Surrounding the Union of Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz

Cesar Montano, born as Cesar Manhilot, is a well-rounded Filipino artist who works as an actor, film producer, and director.

He started out in the entertainment industry as a commercial model before branching out into acting in B-movies.

Later, he took on major roles in action films and even played the lead role in a TV sitcom.

Cesar Montano is best known for his portrayal of José Rizal in the eponymous 1998 film, as well as for his performance in the Hollywood war film “The Great Raid.”

Montano has been awarded for his acting abilities in various movies, including “Panaghoy sa Suba,” “José Rizal,” “Muro Ami,” and “Bagong Buwan.”

In addition to acting, Montano has also released a music album and pursued careers in film production and direction, with “Panaghoy sa Suba” being his directorial debut.

Is Cesar Montana Married to Sunshine Cruz?

Cesar Montano is a multi-lingual individual, fluent in Tagalog, Cebuano, and the Boholano dialect of his ancestors.

Born as the fifth of seven children to a lawyer father and a Seventh-day Adventist mother, Montano was raised with strict discipline from his father and religious restrictions from his mother.

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He received his education at Santa Ana Elementary School, Mariano Marcos Memorial High School, and completed a degree in Mass Communication at Lyceum of the Philippines University.


Montano was previously married to Marilyn Polinga, whom he met at a local Seventh-day Adventist church.

They had two children together before Polinga passed away in 1993.

Cesar Montana became a congregant of Christ’s Commission Fellowship with his second wife, Sunshine Cruz, with whom he had three daughters.

Montano filed for annulment of marriage  from Cruz, which was granted in 2013.

After the annulment , Cesar has been  secretive about his love life. He has never seen dating someone. Fans wishes that he would meet a partner and settle down in his life .

Cesar Montano Family: What About the Kids?

Before Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz got together, the actor had three kids from a previous marriage to Marilyn Polinga.

They are Vika, Carlo and Vladimir. With Sunshine, he now has three more children: Angelina, Samantha, and Macky.

Cesar Montano and his  Ex wife, Sunshine Cruz, have fulfilled their dreams of having a big family, and there’s no doubt that the pair will be doting parents to all of them.

The news of Cesar Montano’s  Annulment marriage to Sunshine Cruz is certainly Disappointing.

Cesar Montano is not only a renowned actor, film producer, and director in the Philippines, but he is also a proud and loving father to his kids with his both wife, Sunshine Cruz & Marilyn Polinga.

Despite his busy schedule, Montano always makes sure to spend quality time with his children and is known to be extremely hands-on and involved in their lives.

Montano is a firm believer in the importance of family and is dedicated to providing his children with a stable and nurturing environment.

He is always there to support and encourage his children, and they are the center of his world.

In interviews, Montano has often spoken about the joy and happiness his kids bring to his life, and it is evident in his interactions with them that he is an affectionate and loving father.

His dedication to his family and his role as a father is a testament to his strong values and character, and it is clear that his children are the most important thing in his life.

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