Cassandra James Before Surgery: Is Terry On General Hospital Transgender?

Cassandra James has intrigued her viewers regarding her before transgender surgery photos. Learn more to know about her early life here below!

Cassandra James has won millions of hearts with her portrayal of a transgender doctor, Dr Terry Randolph, on the hit series “General Hospital.”

With her role, James became the first-ever transgender actor to portray a part of a transgender character on TV.

Her public life as a transgender woman and actress has garnered her respect and needed limelight for her career.

Hence, James has evolved as one of the loving actors in the TV industry.

Cassandra James Before Surgery Photos and Name Transition Details

Cassandra James has yet to reveal her before surgery photos and name details.

She came out to her family in late 2015 and publicly in 2016.

James began a medical transition in the spring of 2016.

After her full transition as a woman, James has become politically open and passionate about her identity and community.

The public respect her privacy regarding her previous life as a man and have not demanded her past identity.

Is Terry On General Hospital Transgender?

Cassandra James portraying character Terry on “General Hospital” is indeed gay.

The famous soap opera airs on ABC and has a record of 14 Emmy Award wins making it one of the most loved shows since its first broadcast in 1963.

The soap opera centres more around melodrama and domestic subjects that have made it well known to families.

With such a bright topic, the character of Terry has created another reason for its popularity and critical acclaim.

Moreover, Cassandra’s acting and the character’s purpose in the show often hit the headlines.

Cassandra joined the General Hospital cast in 2018 and has become a significant part of the soap opera since then.

Likewise, the soap opera is her most famous acting venture in the industry.