Cassandra James As A Child- Was The General Hospital Star A Man? Before Surgery Photos

People are interested to find out how Cassandra James was as a child since she is one of the openly transgender actresses in the United States. 

Cassandra James is an American-Canadian actress who is widely recognized for her role in the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

She plays the recurring role of a transgender doctor named Dr. Terry Randolph in the soap opera and she is doing so since June of 2018.

As an actual transgender actress playing a transgender role in a series, Cassandra has gained a lot of public attention lately and is popular over the media and web.

Hence, people are eager to find out more about her personal as well as her professional life.

Still, apart from all this, most of the public’s concerns is regarding who she was before her surgery, as a man, and her love life after her transition.


Cassandra James As A Child: Is She A Man?

Cassandra James was a man as a child. She came out as transgender to her family in the year 2015 and publically in 2016.

Indeed, she had her surgery and later confirmed that she is now an openly transgender woman.

Moreover, she tries to promote the transgender community and requests different productions in the Tv industry to give chances to transgender people.

She says that people of her community have a lot to give to the entertainment industry so they must be given adequate chances.

She directly mentions that there should be more people like Ryan Murphy in power who would give opportunities to every people like he did with her.

Cassandra mentions her own role as a transgender doctor in the series General Hospital as an inspiring one, relating to the context.


Cassandra James Before Surgery Photos

There are no pictures or any other visual representation of Cassandra James before her surgery.

Well, people do like to forget their past, and as a woman now, she surely does not want to relive her experience as a man.

Also, she became a part of the TV industry after becoming transgender, so there is no information regarding the precise details of her past life.

She does say proudly that she is transgender, but no other specifics are given yet.

Is Cassandra James Married?

No, Cassandra James is not married yet and she does not have a husband.

Well, as per what we observe in the media and web, she is probably single.

However, there might be possibilities of her being in a relationship but keeping it a secret. Also, there is no information regarding any of her former partners either.


Meet The Transgender Actress Cassandra James On Instagram

The actress Cassandra James is on Instagram under the username @cassandrajames_.

Here, she has over 22k followers and she is also verified. She mostly posts about her personal life and updates regarding her professional career.