Casey Affleck Welcomes Jennifer Lopez ‘To The Family’ In Sweet Post After Skipping Weekend Wedding

A warm readily gotten. Casey Affleck shared a couple of kind words for his new sister in law in a true message of help.

While Casey, 47, wasn’t in cooperation at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’ excessive wedding administration held at Ben’s space in Riceboro, Georgia, on Saturday, the Gone Girl performer took to Instagram on Sunday to share a really focusing word on the songstress.

“Valuable things merit holding on for,” Casey made nearby a heritage photo from 2002, showing Casey walking around Ben and Jen during their most vital feeling.

“Here is to energizing twists in the street, new beginnings, and finding new supplies of old love,” Casey created. “Welcome to the family. Plan for some certified brokenness! Kidding. I’m kidding.”

He completed the post sharing, “Jen, you are a jewel. We love you so much!!! ”

Saturday’s lavish endeavor – – which came just a month after Ben and Jen previously got the pack in Quite some time Vegas – – was coordinated by life guide Jay Shetty and went to by the couple’s family, buddies and an enormous number of celeb guests, including Matt Damon, Kevin Smith and that is only the start.

Nevertheless, Casey was not among those in support. Taking everything into account, he was in Los Angeles on the enthusiastically anticipated day, and was spotted getting coffee at a Starbucks. When a paparazzi asked concerning why he wasn’t at the wedding, Casey said he had “various things.”

Without a doubt, according to a remark on Casey’s sweet post on Sunday, left by his soul mate, Caylee Cowan, the father of-two was in Los Angeles to require his 14-year-old kid Atticus to soccer practice.

“Hi, if you weren’t visiting the region Saturday to take Atty to soccer practice then who would’ve helped the adolescent who broke his arm?” Cowen shared, insinuating an event that likely occurred during said work on gathering. “You’re a respectable man. I love you.”

Casey shares two kids, Atticus and 18-year-old Indiana, with his ex, Summer Phoenix.