Carolyn Mackenzie Husband: Who Is Chris Stark?

Chris Stark is the husband of Canadian journalist, Carolyn Mackenzie.

Chris Stark age

How old is Chris Stark? What is Chris Stark’s age? Chris Stark’s real age is not known yet, however, it is believed that he is in his 40s or early 50s.

How did Carolyn Mackenzie and Chris Stark meet?

Chris Stark and Carolyn Mackenzie met an in unexpected way at the gym. According to Mackenzie, she fainted at the gym and was attended to by Stark.

I fainted at my gym, and his crew was the first to respond. We caught each other’s eye – even though my eyes were nearly swollen shut after falling on my face – but nothing happened, apart from my vitals being checked. I was loaded onto an ambulance,” Mackenzie said.

We were set up on a blind date. Mutual friends thought we would be a good match. Little did they know that three months prior  I had Chris’ medical call! We eventually put the pieces together that we had already met, albeit briefly and under much different circumstances. When I started talking about the scar tissue in my cheek, he asked me what happened, and I proceeded to tell him about passing out at my gym. That’s when he took a step back and realized I was that girl,” she added.

Chris Stark children

Does Chris Stark have any children? How many children does Chris Stark have? Chris Stark has two children; Katelyn Shark and Matthew Shark. They are all mothered by Carolyn Mackenzie.