Calcutta HC dismisses Bengal govt’s plea for reconsideration of decision on DA payments

Kolkata, Sep 22 (IANS) The West Bengal government on Thursday got a significant shock as a division seat of the Calcutta High Court excused its survey request to reevaluate a prior judgment of a similar seat guiding the state government to clear the forthcoming dearness recompense (DA) back payments to the workers in three months or less.

On May 20, Calcutta High Court’s division seat of Equity Harish Tandon and Equity Rabindranath Samanta guided the state government to clear the forthcoming DA unfulfilled obligations to the state government representatives inside the following three months. Nonetheless, the state government documented a survey request at a similar seat with the supplication for rethinking the judgment.

On Thursday morning, a similar division seat excused the survey request and maintained its previous request on this depend on May 22.

In the mean time, the Confederation of State Government Workers, the first solicitor regarding this situation, has recorded a scorn of court request at the Calcutta High Court against the state government for missing the cutoff time for the unmistakable the DA unfulfilled obligations to the state government. The following hearing on that disdain of court request will be on November 9.

“After the prior request on May 20, we gave a letter to the state government to help out us and clear the forthcoming DA overdue debts as coordinated by the court. In any case, the state government disregarded our call.

So presently we won’t go for such requests or rather start a significant fomentation against the state government on the side of our requests,” said the confederation of president, Shyamal Kumar Mitra.

Till the report was recorded there was no response from the state government or whether they would acknowledge the request for the Calcutta High Court or move to a higher court against the choice.

In 2016, the state government representatives had documented a request at the SAT requesting 32% dearness remittances according to the proposals for the Fifth Compensation Commission. The request was recorded by the Confederation of State Government Representatives.

After a drawn out fight in court, the SAT, in July 2020, had guided the state government to pay the dearness remittances to its workers at standard with their partners in the Association government. The state government had tested that request at the Calcutta High Court.