Brigitte Macron Hair Extensions – Her Natural Hairstyle Or Wig?

Several people have been commenting on the hairstyle of Brigitte Macron, and they wonder if she has a natural hairstyle or wears a wig.

However, Macron has not talked about her hair extensions on the media yet. Also, the former teacher has never revealed if she wears a wig. 

Brigitte has always been a subject with her hairstyle since she often appears with different hairstyles. 

Her hair is blonde, and one of her favorite hairstyles is the Banana bun. Now, she appears on the short Thai-cut. 

Her hairstyles are very well-known among the general public. Many people imitate the first lady’s haircuts, and it has become fashionable.

What Happened To Brigitte Macron Face?

According to Daily Mail, Brigitte Macron has had three-hour cosmetic facial rejuvenation surgery in July at a private facility in Lyon.

Brigitte got allegedly put under general anesthesia before undergoing a face surgery procedure at a private hospital in Paris before leaving for her summer vacation.

She wanted to have the surgery because she felt she looked older than her second husband, Emmanuel Macron. 

The surgery proceeded successfully, and the former teacher was allowed to depart the American Hospital that evening.

Is Brigitte Macron Sick? Illness Explained

The answer is no; Brigitte Macron is not sick now and has not been diagnosed with any illness.

According to reports, she tested positive on December 24, 2020, with minor symptoms but was negative six days later. 

She tested positive after her husband, French President, was placed in isolation for a week after testing positive.

She lived at the official presidential house, the Elysees palace, at that time, while he worked at a property outside of Paris.

Her office stated that the information about her illness was not made public since it had no bearing on her public agenda at the time.

Furthermore, they declared that she has subsequently made a full recovery.