Brian Williams

Brian Douglas Williams, prestigious Emmy Award winner, is a very renowned television news anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News. Gordon L. Williams and his wife Dorathy got him as a fourth child on May 5, 1959 in Ridgewood, New Jersey U.S. Brian was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Brian was brought up in a prosperous Irish Catholic family. He has two brothers and one sister.Briann’s father by profession, was an executive vice president of the National Retail Merchants Association which was located in New York. He spent his childhood in several places as his family shifted from Ridgewood, New Jersey, his birthplace, to Elmira, New York and once more from Elmira, New York, when living there for ten years, shifted to Middletown, New Jersey. At the time when family shifted to Middletown, New Jersey, he studied in junior high school.

He was raised in Middletown, New Jersey. He attended Mater Dei High School there. During his high school at the Middletown Township Fire Department he delivered his services voluntarily as a firefighter for three years. Later to join his hand to mouth independently, when his father lost his job,he did his first job as a busboy at the Perkins Pancake House. Williams enrolled his name at Brookdale Community College for high school level education. Later he changed two universities one after another-The Catholic University of America and The George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Without graduating he started doing the media line job in different T.V. Channels. He worked in the White House as an intern during the administration of President Jimmy Carter. The year of his active is 1981 from KOAM T.V. in Pittsburg. Since then he is incessantly delivering his services in the broadcasting line. He joined various local stations in Philadelphia and New York. He worked at CBS station. His tireless endeavor brought him a great fortune in 1987 as he got the opportunity to work in WCBS-TV in New York City where he won one of the prestigious award-Emmy Award for his report on the stock market collapse. Gaining lots of experiences during working period in different stations he joined NBC news in 1993 as a correspondent and later turned into NBC’s chief White House Correspondent. His popularity gained great height when he aired the show ‘The News with Brian Williams’ on MSNBC. He was more than ever appreciated for his reporting of the Asian Tsunami (2004) and live spot coverage during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which won him Peabody award and great compliments from industry experts.

Brian has got attractive physique along with lucrative intelligence. He has also proved himself as a successful media personality going through many obstacles in his life. He also was severely criticized for lacking charisma and stiffness. He satisfied his critics after important coverage on rare incidents and received many awards. Now he is one of the personalities who is highly searched in television industry.

He is six feet and one inch tall. Now he is Fifty four years old. Though he is in his 50s he is a role model and inspiration for many youths of 20s – 30s who aspires to do great in the media sector.

In 1986 Williams started conjugal life with his wife Jane Gillan Stoddard. Since Brian Douglas Williams married Jane Gillan Stoddard have a strong bond between them. They are really setting an example of good couple. They are in good relation let alone divorce. Jane Gillan Stoddard is very happy to find a good husband like Brian Douglas Williams. They have given birth to two children; daughter Allison Williams who is an actress and a musician and son Douglas Williams. In 1996 was honored as a Father of the Year by the National Father’s Day Committee.  How he is committed to his work and duty, likewise he enjoys attending fun shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ’30 Rock’.He is also fond of pets so has two dogs with him .He has self earned total net property of $ 30 million and receives $ 13 million salary annually. His diehard viewers can get more information about him from wiki and other sites relating him. He is on twitter also. His viewers can follow him at bwilliams.