BriaAndChrissy Biography And Net Worth

BriaAndChrissy is an American lifestyle YouTube channel created and hosted by famous American lesbian couples; Bria and Chrissy. The channel which was created on August 2012 is focused on creating content on music videos, comedy, and inspirational skits. Aside from that, the channel also throws more light on the challenges and adventures of living in the United States of America as a lesbian couple.

The channel, BriaAndChrissy has accumulated over 1.2 million subscribers and a total of over 422 million views since its creation. On a daily basis, the channel is able to accumulate over 300,000 views.

Bria Michelle Kam was born on November 3, 1986, in Atlanta (Georgia). She is a songwriter and once contested in American Idol in 2013 and Chrissy Emily Chambers was born on October 5, 1990, and hails from Mississippi. Chrissy Emily Chambers before YouTube worked with a commercial firm in Atlanta where she met Bria. Bria and Chrissy got engaged in January of 2018 and later tied the knots in April 2018. They reside in Washington, DC.

BriaAndChrissy Net Worth

BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of $11.5 million.