Boombl4 Wife LiQueen, Cocaine and Drugs Video From Telegram, And Divorce Reason

A fantastic Russian gamer is in enormous trouble after a video of him using mephedrone is turning into a web sensation on Telegram.

Right when the video rose up out of his soul mate’s record, this shocked everybody.

We ought to get to the nuances on the alleged video and the personality of his perfect partner, who he isolated from just today.

Boombl4 Wife LiQueen Boombl4’s better half, Liqueen, is a Russian blogger and a trained professional.

Her genuine name is Angelika Mikhailova, yet she uses a stage name for herself and is predominantly known.

With practically 50k allies on her Instagram, she has a voice that can influence a mass.

LiQueen ensures that she will tell people the best way to fulfill 100 years of sound and be freed from diseases.

Adding to it, she highlights being beautiful and as young as possible your entire life.

This family expert got hitched to counterstrike star gamer Boombl4, otherwise called Kirill Mikhailov, around January of 2022.

They had been dating for a significant length of time. The couple seemed like they were forever.

Further, Angelika has a little who oftentimes remembers for her virtual diversion.

She reveres him genuinely, and it very well may be seen through her posts. Regardless, in the midst of the new discussion, she has chosen to handicap remarks on the aggregate of her posts other than on her marriage picture.

Boombl4’s Cocaine and Drugs Video From Telegram is Viral The counter strike player Boombl4’s alleged video of doing cocaine and prescriptions is coursing on Telegram and Reddit.

His significant other moved it for her, where we can see him using a string catalyst called mephedrone.

It has now been uncovered that Angelika was coercing the individual for cash. She had been consistently advised him to find the photos and accounts to the world and ruin his life in one go.

This one arose after the gamer held one back from getting her orders.

The remark portion on his wedding pictures posted by his life partner has people calling her a gold digger.

Netizens feel for Kirill for taking care of business deceived by a woman with him for cash.

Boombl4 And His Wife LiQueen Divorce Reason Boombl4 and his better half LiQueen’s partition has been accounted for by the past on his Twitter account

. He says that he was being forced with her different fake photos and accounts close by epic phony information.

He has ensured his family that he will record maligning suits against his ex in a little while.

At last, he expressed thanks to everyone for supporting and sorting him out at this problematic time.