Might Bongbong Marcos Have A $10 Billion Fortune? His Net Worth & Career Earnings

We are quite unsure about Bongbong Marcos having a net worth of $10 billion as he has kept the details about his net worth discreet.

Apparently, all the other presidential candidates have released their net worth details publicly but Marcos has refused to do so which raised public suspicion.

His source of wealth has always been the part of controversy as, during the presidency of his father, the SC of Philipines labeled their wealth as ill-gotten wealth.

Apparently, people are talking that the Marcos family had made this humongous fortune just because of getting into unethical and morally-ill work.

Is Bongbong Marcos A Presidential Candidate?

Yes, Bongbong Marcos is indeed running to become the new president of Philipines and he is one of the strong candidates for the position.

He announced his candidacy back in October 2021 and since then, he has been doing everything in his hand to win this election and become a new premier.

Likewise, he has been active in politics right from a very early age and has got a history of handling several different executive-level positions in government.

Moreover, he is running for this position under the banner of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas party and he seems to have a large number of followers.

Bongbong Marcos Family Details Explored

Bongbong Marcos belongs to one of the most affluent and powerful families in the Philipines who are popular worldwide.

Bongbong was born to Ferdinand E. Marcos and Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez, both of whom were prevalent politicians during their active days.

Similarly, his father was one of the famous kleptocrats of the present world and he was successful in imposing a tyrannical rule during his presidency.

After his fathers’ rule was overthrown by the Peoples power revolution, they had to face exile for several years but after his fathers’ demise, they came back to the Philippines.

Find Bongbong Marcos On Twitter

Bongbong Marcos is indeed present on Twitter under @bongbongmarcos where he often tweets his thoughts and shares his political opinions.

He has been keeping himself close with the invention of time so that he can move forward along with it which seems like a good move of a politician.

Apart from Twitter, we can find him on Facebook as well as Instagram too and he has got a good social media presence to get closer with people.