‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 Trailer: Kelly’s Ex Andrew Returns and Christine’s Husband Storms Off Camera

Bling Domain is back, and conceivably truly astonishing. The hit Netflix reality series conveyed its season 3 trailer on Wednesday, promising profound answers for set up 2’s cliffhangers.

“Fragmented business and huge entryways stir up strain in the get-together, yet nothing will keep them from living their flashiest and most great lives,” the trailer depiction scrutinizes.

In the trailer, fans get a short glance at Kelly Mi Li’s ex, Andrew Dim, after his dazzling return in the season 2 finale.

Exactly when he clearly unexpectedly walks around an event in season 3, the social occasion answers in shock, with mouths agape and unusual snickers everywhere.

Fans initially saw Dim’s return when he seemed unannounced to Anna’s home in the last scene of the last episode. In May, the social occasion said something with respect to his return.

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“I have zero power over him,” Kelly told ET. “That is the very thing I feel if Anna [and] him should be partners, they can.”

In another staggering scene from the trailer, Christine’s soul mate, Gabriel Chiu, steps in the background, leaving his mouthpiece threw on the stone patio at his feet.

I can’t muster the energy to care about you all,” he says, “Create some distance from me!”

Chiu will be far from the principal show enveloping Christine in season 3. The show’s last piece got done with a chilling clash among Christine and Anna over a remark a “trusted in friend” probably provided for Christine. “The in exactly the same words was, ‘I will end her,’” Christine as of late owned up to co-star Kane. “What’s the importance here?”

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“Accepting I wanted to communicate something like that, I could consent to her, to her face – – and that? She should know me right now,” Anna told ET.

“Accepting it was really suggested that I had communicated something like that, she should look out. Since defaming is positively not something to be grateful for.” Wednesday’s trailer ensures a continuation of the social event’s high-profile show, wrapping up with Kim Lee telling the cameras, “It’s getting hot in here!” Season 3 of Bling Space will follow through on Netflix on Oct. 5.