Billy Jensen Allegations On Reddit And Twitter

Many people are talking about the allegations against Billy Jensen on Reddit and Twitter.

As this subject has sparked differing viewpoints and opinions among internet users, most of them are using social media to speak up and present their thoughts. While most of them are speaking against the author, the ones speaking in favor of the man are also is a good quantity.

This controversy started after Jen Tisdale opened up about her side of the story in a podcast episode. The incident dates back to 2018 or 2019 when they were in a bar. Both of them got drunk, and Billy eventually started kissing Jen, as explained by the woman.

She stopped Jensen, and he went to his room. Jen followed the man to talk to him, and in the room, they eventually kissed and got intimate. The female podcaster further mentioned that Billy suddenly slapped her out of nowhere, and when she objected, he went to sleep.

When she discussed the happening the next day, the journalist apologized and said he didn’t remember it. They casually joked about it in time to come, but the woman gradually began to feel uncomfortable about the incident and decided to speak up.

Other than this allegation, the investigative reporter was accused of wrongfully hugging people at a get-together event.

Billy Jensen’s Statement About The Case: What Did He Say?

Billy Jensen has already released his statement on the allegations against him, and the people are not well convinced.

In those long paragraphs, the man spoke about getting too excited when he met his colleagues after a long time of online work and was trying to get comfortable with them and make them feel warm. Jensen further said he had no intentions of ill-doing and also apologized if anyone was offended by it.

Regarding the allegations of Tisdale, Billy shared his side of the story about being excessively drunk and not being in full consciousness or control of his mind. However, not many people are persuaded by the journalist’s side of the story.

Is Billy Jensen Leaving The First Degree Podcast?

After the recent rifts and allegations, Billy Jensen seems to be leaving the First Degree Podcast.

He has been in the podcast series for a long time, where he, with the other two members, would discuss darkest corners and explore uncovered mysteries and stories. Billy’s recent absence from the program hints that the man has decided to quit and go on a new journey.