Big Jay Oakerson Shares Custody Of His 20-Year-Old Daughter Izabella With Ex-wife Carla Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson has a daughter named Izabella with his ex-wife Carla Oakerson.

Oakerson is an American stand-up comedian, radio show host, podcaster, and actor. He was raised in West Philadelphia after being born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Throughout his senior year of high school, Oakerson transferred with his mother and stepfather, both of whom held comprehensive jobs, to the Blackwood neighborhood of Gloucester Township, New Jersey.

Carla Oakerson, an attorney, comedian, and mother of two, joined the weekend, eliminating the leftover Thanksgiving turkey aroma.

She addresses the enormous difference in age between her children, her expertise in defending drug cases in Columbia, and how difficult it is to get her 20-year-old daughter to laugh.

Carla and Oakerson divorced and split custody of their daughter. He has been engaged to radio producer Christine Evans for a long time.

Big Jay Oakerson Has Half-Latina Daughter Izabella Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson has a grown daughter named Izabella Oakerson. She is 20 years old.

The wife of an American stand-up comedian Big Jay Oakerson and his daughter Izabella Oakerson spend time together taking selfies in a close-up inside their car.

An actor, Big Jay Oakerson, Has a Half-Latina, Daughter, Izabella Oakerson, with his ex-wife Carla Oakerson who split but share the custody of their daughter.

According to the Instagram post by Carla Oakerson, Izabella was born on October 7, 2003. She is twenty years old and has a decent and passionate life with her parents.

Izabella Oakerson is a talented personality like her parents, who love to do comedy and also works on it. She appeared as a stand-up comedian at the age of 14.

Big Jay Oakerson also tweeted, saying, “Ok! My daughter just did her first-ever comedy set at 14 yrs old!! She was so nervous, and she did so great! I couldn’t be prouder of her”.

Izabella also collaborated with her mother on a podcast, “Shut Up Mommy’s Talking,” entitled 45: Mother Daughter Fun w/ Carla Oakerson.

Her parents will support her passion for comedies, and she is thriving every day with her potential and talent. In no time, we will be hearing about her stand-up comedy.

Izabella Has Younger Sibling Sister Julianna

Izabella Oakerson also has a little sibling, Julianna Oakerson, who is currently studying in elementary school. Izabella’s mother, Carla, has posted numerous pictures with Julianna on her Instagram account.

This a cute picture of Carla Oakerson and her seven years old daughter Julianna Rose who goes to elementary school and is also a great fan of comics and Disney.

Julianna is young and cute as she is often taken care of by her mother and her sibling Izabella. After going through various pictures, it is known that they all love to dry and bathe Julianna often.

According to Carla’s Instagram account, Julianna Rose was born on February 28, 2015. She is currently seven years old. Julianna loves to spend time with her siblings and cousins and loves her mom very much.

Carla often takes care of Julianna herself and never leaves the sight of her daughter, as she loves her and always chooses what’s best for her.