Bianca Walkden Is Close To Being A Gold Medalist, But Is She Married Yet?

Bianca Walkden and her partner Aaron Cook are not married yet. Get to know Bianca’s boyfriend and dating life.

Walkden is a Taekwondo competitor from Britain. She is representing Great Britain at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Know Bianca Walkden Partner Or Boyfriend

Bianca Walkden’s partner is Aaron Cook. The two have been dating for many years now.

In fact, Walkden and her boyfriend Cook both are taekwondo athletes. Both of them had competed in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Meanwhile, it is not clear when and where Bianca and her beau met for the first time. But they share an adorable bond with each other at present.

Interestingly, Aaron had represented Great Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But he represented Moldova at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio.

As a matter of fact, Cook never won a medal at the Olympics tournament. He had not been selected for representing GB at the 2012 Olympics. That was why he competed for Moldova in the next Olympics.

Thus, Bianca and Aaron were not on the same team in the Rio Olympics. Bianca had won a bronze medal whereas Aaron was limited in the last sixteen.

Is Bianca Walkden Married?

Bianca Walkden is not married yet. Also, she has not revealed when she aims to settle with her love.

Walkden is currently at the peak of her career. She aims to clinch gold medals at the Summer Olympics this year.

It seems the Olympian will consider having a married life soon after accomplishing her Olympic dream. No doubt, she is close than ever to meet her dream soon.

Bianca Walkden Age and Height Explored

Bianca Walkden’s age is 29 years old. She has her birthday celebrations on the 29th of September each year.

To point out, Walkden was born in Liverpool, England. In the meantime, she resides in Manchester.

On the other hand, Bianca commenced her taekwondo career at an age of 11. Actually, she had joined a local club named Liveroppl Elite Taekwondo.

Bianca’s parents are still under the radars. Besides, Walkden has a brother and a sister in her family.

Also, Walkden has a height of 183 centimeters tall.

Know Bianca Walkden Net Worth

Bianca Walkden’s exact net worth remains a mystery for now. But she has certainly earned a huge fortune out of her athletic career.

Walkden has been competing at the senior level for more than a decade now. She makes a good sum out of brand deals and endorsements too.