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Bettina Tietjen Biography

Bettina Tietjen is a German television presenter. She has worked on various television shows in Germany since the late 1990s. She completed her studies in German, Romance and studied Art History in Münster and Paris.

She began work as a reporter and author for RIAS Berlin, NDR and various other newspaper publishers. On the RIAS breakfast television, she served as the moderator as well as on the current hour on WDR television and the journal of Deutsche Welle. To this day, she moderates the DAS! show on NDR television.

From 1997 to 2007, she presented the celebrity talk show “Stargeflüster” together with Eva Herman for the NDR. It was a successful show leading to its renaming to “Herman & Tietjen”. Following contract termination with Eva Herman in 2007, the show was then on referred to as “talk with Tietjen”.

In 2008, a new co- host, Yared Dibaba, joined the show and was replaced by Eckart von Hirschhausen consequently leading to the broadcast being called “Tietjen and Hirschhausen”. At his own request, Hirschhausen left the talk show on 28 November 2014. Since 6 February 2015, Tietjen leads the program together with Alexander Bommes under the name Bettina and Bommes which was again changed to Tietjen and Bommes on 9th June 2017.

From September 2008, she presented the Sunday radio talk “Tietjen talkt” on NDR 2. She joined the “Who saw it” broadcast replacing Florian Weber in 2011. It was a 45-minute quiz broadcast that tested celebrities for their TV knowledge. She also took over the moderation of “Tietjen auf Touren”, a celebrity travel magazine.

In 2003, she made her CD in which she sings “Swing It!” swinging classics together with her former talc partner Eva Herman, Max Raabe and Hape Kerkeling. She had small guest roles at Pastewka in 2011 and also in the hit series “Großstadtrevier” in the episode “The 2nd Man” in 2013.

Bettina Tietjen Age | Alter

She was born on 5 January 1960 Wuppertal, Germany. She is 58 years old as of 2018.

Bettina Tietjen Family | Familie

Bettina grew up in Wuppertal with her three sisters, brought up with a strong Christian orientation. Her father Burchard Schniewind was an architect and her mother a housewife.

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Bettina Tietjen Spouse | Husband | Ehemann | Children

Since 1991, Tietjen has been married to aircraft engineer Udo Tietjen. Their children are Pia and Theo, born in 1994. The family lives in Hamburg-Harburg.

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Bettina Tietjen Books | Buch

  • Laughed with tears. My dad, the dementia and me, Piper Verlag, Munich, 2015. ISBN 978-3-492-05642-7
  • She co-wrote everyday tips in “Cleaning Shoes with Women’s Stockings” in 2014.

Bettina Tietjen Height | Größe

The television presenter is 1.83 m tall.

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NDR THAT! Cooking studio with Bettina Tietjen, Rainer Sass and Jörg Riemer as the guest. Dance school Riemer from Wedel at the NDR.

Bettina Tietjen Interview | Krank

Moderator tells Bettina Tietjen: How I lost father to dementia

Published: 07.03.15

The telephone rang in a cold December night: it was the retirement home. With the message that had to come sometime. “As sad as it was to me, it was so much a salvation,” says Bettina Tietjen (55). Her father, Burchard Schniewind, had fallen asleep forever, peacefully in his bed after three pneumonia.

The TV presenter had visited him the night before. “Keep a stiff upper lip! Tomorrow, I come again. I love you! “Were the last words of the famous daughter to the 89-year-old, who had already robbed the memory of his life from dementia.

When the disease first became apparent Bettina can not say exactly. “At first one thinks that a person becomes a bit tedious by age.” Her father, who used to be a clearly calculating man who had made his name as an architect, was fooled by windy representatives at the front door. He also got nodules because he drove at a snail’s pace on the highway and constantly parked in the ban.

He also constantly asked if anything was said to him, he could hardly remember anything. Bettina and her sister Dagmar realized that he needed help. At first, they hired nurses, but they soon became overwhelmed.

“Dad was 86 when I took him to a retirement home near me,” said the Harburgerin. Although she knew him in good hands, it was a bad conscience. “I reproached myself and asked if I would not have to bring him to my house.” But she admitted that she would not be able to do that: be around the clock, change father’s diapers, change the five floors leaning into her apartment, always patiently approaching him …

“So I was able to visit him every day in the home, focus on the beautiful things,” says Bettina Tietjen, who now publishes her experiences in the book “Laughing under Tears”. Father and daughter played, painted, joked with each other. Of course, there were also embarrassing situations, such as when her father pointed to a woman in the street and exclaimed loudly: “Big ass!”. “The dementia made him more uninhibited, suddenly came through instincts that he had otherwise repressed,” explains Bettina Tietjen.

“Until my father died in 2013, we had two years and seven very intense months together. I got to know him from a new emotional and very childlike side. Although I sometimes had to intervene, I am incredibly grateful that this time together has been given to us. “