BET Hip Hop Awards: Benjamin EPPS Net Worth and Wiki

Rapper Benjamin Epps has not had a major breakthrough yet but he might be worth around $100,000.

Benjamin Epps is a Gabonese-French rapper, songwriter, and singer. He moved to France in 2015 to start his career as a rapper, he was fascinated by French rap since his childhood and always wanted to make his own music.

He first grew his passion for French rap after his brother brought back some rap CDs with him while returning back from France, the rapper was instantly hooked to the music after listening to them for the first time.

While following his dream, Benjamin released his debut Extended play Futur in 2020, five years later of moving to France. His sophomore EP came a year later in 2021 titled Fantôme Avec chauffeur which translates to Ghost with Driver.

Let us learn more about Benjamin Epps and take a closer look at his net worth and real name.

Quick Facts About Benjamin Epps

Real Name Benjamin Epps
Age 26 Years Old
Date of Birth April 9, 1996
Birth Place Libreville, Gabon
Currently Based On France
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $100,000
Instagram @benjamineppsoff

What Is Benjamin EPPS Net Worth 2022?

Benjamin Epps’s net worth is not available on the web as of 2022.

However, the rapper might have a fortune of $100,000 as of 2022 as he is yet to have a major breakthrough in his career.

According to YouTuber, Benjamin’s youtube channel has an estimated revenue of $9,000 so far. The rapper shares his songs and music through his youtube channel with his listeners.

Unlike other rappers, Benjamin does not show or flaunt his wealth on his Instagram account. He appears to live a simple life while making good music on his social media accounts.

Similarly, he has never revealed his true fortune or his career earnings to the general public as of now. He tries to keep a fair distance between his personal life and the web.

While the rapper might not have a large fortune yet, he might build a multi-million dollar empire in the future with his successful career as a rapper.

Benjamin EPPS Wiki: What Is His Real Name?

Benjamin Epps is the rapper’s real name.

While some audience might get confused with the rapper’s name but the rapper uses his real name Benjamin Epps as his moniker.

However, he is sometimes known as Eppsito among his fans and followers but he does not use his moniker Eppsito that often and prefers to stick to his real name.

The rapper started rapping at the age of 10 years old back in 2006, but he had to wait until 2020 to release his first EP. He has since released two other EPs in his career so far.

Benjamin won Best International Flow in BET Hip Hop Awards 2022, with his win this year the rapper is making headlines across the internet.

He was born and raised in Libreville, Gabon. The rapper moved to France in 2015 to pursue his career in French rap industry.

What Is Benjamin EPPS Age?

Benjamin Epps’s actual age is 26 years old as of 2022.

The rapper was born in the year 1996 and celebrates his birthday on April 9 every year. He is showered with wishes on his birthday by his friends and family every year.

According to his actual date of birth, Benjamin has acquired Aries as his zodiac sign. People with Aries as their zodiac sign tend to be passionate, motivated, and confident leaders.

He grew up in the capital city of  Gabon in his childhood. He also has three brothers in his family but much about his brother or other members of his family has not come to the surface yet.

All of his three brothers are rappers themself according to his Wikipedia profile, the four siblings grew up practicing freestyle among themself before making their move to professional rap careers.

As we mentioned earlier, the rapper tries to keep his distance from the web and has not revealed anything about his parents including their names and occupation.

Does Benjamin EPPS Have Girlfriend?

Benjamin Epps has not revealed anything about his girlfriend on the web.

The rapper does not reveal anything about his partner on the internet or to his fans and followers.

Epps might actually be single at the moment and trying to focus on his career as a rapper while keeping his eyes wide open for the love of his life.

While he posts images with females during his collaboration with other artists and images from his music videos, he has never posted any image with his girlfriend on his Instagram account till now.

Furthermore, Benjamin has also not mentioned his partner or girlfriend during interviews or has been spotted with his beau in public yet.

However, it is equally possible that the rapper might be happy in a relationship with his girlfriend but trying to keep his romance away from the general public to avoid unwanted media attention.

Some FAQs

What Is Benjamin Epps Net Worth 2022?

Benjamin Epps net worth might be around $100,000 as of 2022 but the actual amount has not come to the surface yet.

What Is Benjamin Epps Age?

Benjamin Epps’s age is 26 years old as of 2022, he was born on April 9, 1996.

What Is Benjamin Epps Real Name?

Benjamin Epps’s real name is actually Benjamin Epps, he does not use any other moniker.

Does Benjamin Epps Have A Girlfriend?

Benjamin Epps does not appear to have a girlfriend, the rapper is single as of 2022.