Ben Driebergen Biography, Age, Early life, Net worth, Interview

Ben Driebergen Biography

Ben Driebergen is an American Marine Corps veteran and reality television personality, best known for competing on and winning Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Ben Driebergen Age

He was born in the year 1983 in Boise, Idaho. Ben is 36 years as of 2019

Ben Driebergen Early life

Driebergen attended Capital High School in Boise, Idaho. When he was about 12 years old, his father came out to the family and his parents separated. After graduating in 2001, he eventually enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

During his time in the Marines, he served in Iraq, attaining the rank of Lance Corporal. Once, while stationed in Fallujah, he came across an elderly couple that couldn’t evacuate the city due to the wife’s illness. As other civilians were being cleared out of the place, LCpl. Driebergen and his squad agreed to watch over them. After a week of protecting the two civilians, the couple was able to make it out of town on their own, unharmed

Ben Driebergen Personal Life and Inspirations

Ben is a family man who has lived quite an adventurous life up until now. He is a father of two children; five-year-old Wyatt and three-year-old Gracie, who he absolutely adores. On being questioned on his younger one soon turning three, Ben excitedly exclaimed, She’s a beautiful, healthy little baby girl, but she’s sassy as all hell, so she’s a Driebergen.

We’re in for a world of hurt. The world is in for a world of hurt.” Ben, who is fairing rather well on the current Season of Survivor 2017, is also a loving husband and gives much credit to his success to wife Crissy. Being the adventure seeker that he still is, Ben got married to his wife at “a drive-thru wedding” in Texas, with the best man and maid of honor sitting in the backseat of the car! However, he is now more humbled and is said to be leading a very content life with his current wife and kids.

Apart from tending to his family, the 34-year-old contestant enjoys circle track car racing, building and shooting guns, and camping out with friends. His idol in life is Michael Blake Wafford, who he served with in the U.S. Marines in Iraq, as he gave his life for their country. With grit in his arms and a flair for surviving, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Dreibergen emerged as the Sole Survivor on Survivor 2017: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers!

Ben Driebergen Net worth

As Ben recently won $1 million prizes, his net worth in (2019) is $1 Million – $10 Million

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Ben Driebergen Why Does He Wear a Bandage on His Shoulder?

Out of the many questions about Ben Dreibergen that are driving people insane is: Why does Ben on Survivor wear a bandage? It was initially predicted that he had sustained an injury while filming for the Reality TV series. Some also guessed that a terrorizing sunburn was the cause behind Ben’s shoulder bandage. However, it is now said that Ben is, in fact, hiding a tattoo that he recently engraved on the top part of his shoulder.

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Although it is difficult to read what’s underneath the bandage, one can presume that it displays information that cannot be shown on National Television. Why else then would he be required to hide it? Fans are also wondering if the Tattoo is something that’s copyrighted or too personal to be shown on TV. Early last month, Ben also tweeted that he has been getting a lot of requests to show the uncovered tattoo, but he failed to give any further details on it.

Ben on Survivor’s tattoos also include a Horus (an ancient Egyptian god) with several other intricate designs on his arms and hands. While his bandaged tattoo is the hot topic, it looks like we are going to wait a bit longer to see it, after all! With that last minute play of his hidden immunity idol last night, we might be seeing Ben in it for the long haul!

Ben Driebergen Interview

SheKnows: Congratulations, Ben! You just won a million bucks! What is going through your mind right now?
Ben Driebergen: Thank you so much. It’s a great feeling. This is gonna help my family, my wife and my kids for the future. It’s gonna be awesome.
SK: Did you know you were going to win?
BD: You have the good feelings, but you also have feelings that you lost, too. Everybody has those feelings. I think all three of us had feelings that we won. I think all three of us had feelings that we lost. I was never confident that I won, though. When the second vote came in for Chrissy, I thought I lost. I really did.
SK: What is it like, sitting on stage in front of millions of people with the stress of not knowing if you had won the money?
BD: I don’t know if you saw it on camera, but my neck was shaking. I was trying to hold hands. It was such a nerve-racking feeling. I’ve never had my head shake like that. I was like, “Just calm down and breathe.” It was crazy. For me to get the votes, it was amazing. Those guys are awesome.
SK: Your back was against the wall constantly. When it seemed like your time was finally over, a fire-making twist was tossed into the game and you were able to land in the final three.
BD: I didn’t know the fire-making challenge was gonna happen until Chrissy pulled her advantage out. It was one more try to get back into the game. I went into it with guns blazing. I had no other way. To battle against Devon, he’s amazing. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Head-to-head against him makes it worth it.

SK: I have attended 23 finales, and I’ve never heard such a strong positive reaction toward any contestant. The live studio audience definitely wanted you to win and cheered every time you made it one step further. Could you hear the crowd?
BD: Yeah. It was kind of a surreal moment with the cameras and microphones. It’s all new. To be up on stage and have that loud of a crowd was such a good feeling. The fans have been awesome. It’s been a trip because I’m a fan. I have fans come up to me, but I’m just one of them. It’s awesome.
SK: It did seem like if you didn’t win, the fans may have walked out of the finale early if they were allowed.
BD: That’s surprising. Going back and watching it, there are some times I wasn’t too proud of. We’re human. That’s the thing about all of this. We’re all human. We’re parents. We’re husbands. We’re mothers. We have flaws. Name one person who doesn’t have a flaw. To have that kind of support from people I don’t even know who have watched me on TV, I’m so grateful. I’m humbled. It’s amazing.

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SK: Is there one move that you think solidified you winning the game?
BD: Lauren and I were one and two. We would wake up every morning, sit out on the log before everyone else and talk about our kids. We talked about life while taking turns keeping the fire stoked all night. She literally was my ride or die. Being able to see her as a bigger threat and not just my friend, taking her out when I did, it would probably be my biggest move.

SK: A big part of your Survivor story surrounded your life with PTSD. What has it been like for you to bring attention to PTSD?
BD: Vets go through a lot. PTSD is a real thing. A lot of vets are worried about how that’s perceived outside. Some think it’s a sign of weakness. But that’s in your head. It’s not. It’s a natural reaction. If I can help one vet out, it’s all worth it. We’ve been through a lot. We will be brothers for life.

SK: Have you been approached by any viewers who also deal with PTSD?
BD: A lot of fans have reached out and contacted me through social media with words of support. “Hey, we’re right there with you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If we can help this be more visible, it’s all worth it.”

SK: How did you get on the show?
BD: I applied. I sent in a video. Old school. My wife and I are big fans. We watch the show every Wednesday. The kids go in Mom and Dad’s room and have movie night. We drink wine and watch Survivor. She told me to make a video and put your money where your mouth is. I made a video and I got a call.

SK: What are you going to spend the $1 million on?
BD: We’re gonna save it. We’re gonna pay off our debt. No more credit card debt. We’re gonna pay off the house and put some money away for our kids and college. Education is a big deal. We’re gonna figure out how we can make the money work for us instead of spending it. We want to be smart about this.