Barry Sloane Children: Meet Gracie Bluebell Sloane. Lennon Michael Sloane

Barry Sloane is a British actor known for his work in both television and theater.

The actor and his wife Katy O’Grady have two children Gracie Bluebell Sloane. and Lennon Michael Sloane.

Their daughter Gracie Bluebell Sloane was born in 2010 and their son Lennon Michael Sloane was born in 2016.

If you follow the couple on Instagram, you’ll see that they regularly post pictures of their family outings. Most recently, Barry shared a video of his little ones and wife at the beach.

“My family and I live a very privileged life and I’m very thankful for them and it. Today I have to leave them to go back to work in #Memphis — It’s always very hard to leave and although @katysloane, the kids and I are accustomed to it, it never gets any easier. Counting the days,” he captioned the social media video.