Barrett Doss and Boyfriend Austin Durant Are All Set For An Apocalyptic Challenge

Barrett Doss and her boyfriend Austin Durant are all set for new ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical Tour Broadway in Chicago.

Barrett Doss is an American singer and actress. She was indeed a central character in the ABC action drama Station 19 as Victoria Hughes. She was born on March 20, 1989, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

When Doss was only a child, her parents got a divorce, so she moved in along with her mother, Kelly Skalicky, who went on to marry her partner, Veronica, and who split parental obligations.

Doss eventually met her current boyfriend Austin Durant who is mainly known for appearing in the HBO hits show Succession (2018). He has also been featured in Television dramas like The Good Fight (2017) and Elementary (2012).

A Look At Barrett Doss and Austin Durant Relationship

Barrett Doss and her boyfriend Austin Durant are an amazing couple who fell for each other and are together since.

Therefore it is understandable that her followers would indeed be curious to know more about her private affairs, specifically her romantic life.

The couple seems to be dating for some time. Whereas the actress once kept her romantic life a secret, Barrett and Austin made a decision to come out as a couple in 2017 when Austin posted the first-ever picture with Barrett on March 15, 2017.

But shockingly, according to Barrett’s Instagram picture, they knew each other since 2014 as she posted Austin’s picture. Ultimately, they could be just friends then and develop their romantic relationship after.

Barrett and her partner have kept their relationship public, and they have no concerns about posting each other’s photographs on their respective social media accounts.

Now, it is clear from such images that the pair is tremendously in love with one another.

Austin Durant Profession And Personal Life

As we all know Barrett Doss is and renowned Hollywood actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Similarly, Austin Durant is also a professional actor.

Austin Durant’s Profession Life

Austin Durant and his wife/girlfriend spend time with each other during the time when they first met in 2015. At the time, their relationship wasn’t disclosed but they eventually shared it with their fans.

His contributions to movies and TV shows like Big Dogs, Search Party, The Mentors, Person of Interest, and Nurse Jackie have established him as globally recognized.

Additionally, Austin, whose been dating Barrett Doss, is well-liked by theatergoers due to his engagement in a variety of Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Furthermore, he decided to join the Moulin Rouge cast in December 2019, which makes him more recognized.

It appears that their combined love of acting is what helped Doss and Durant become personal mates. They encourage their significant others to thrive and embrace each other’s careers and care for each other in every aspect of life.

Austin Durant’s Personal Life

Austin Durant and his wife Barrett Doss always have their back and try to explore the place with one another. No matter what they love to spend time with each other.

Austin Durant is a private person who has little or no information about his personal life except disclosing his relationship with his girlfriend.

After going through Austin’s social media, it is known that he has been enjoying his life fullest with his girlfriend, Barrett Doss. He has been going to places and spending time together.

Austin has been working on a Musical project called Moulin Rogue Broadway and has been touring places for the show.