Barbara Mori Net Worth: Know About Her Husband, Kids, Age and Height

Barbara Mori Ochoa is an Uruguayan-Mexican model turned actress, film producer, and writer. Barbara Mori apparently famed as a Rubi Perez Ochoa de Ferrer in the Mexican telenovela ‘Rubi’ had started her career at a young age of 14 as a fashion model.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: February 2, 1978 (Age 40)
  • Ethnicity: Latin American, Japanese
  • Nationality: American, Uruguayan, Mexican
  • Profession: Actress, fashion model, producer, writer

Barbara Mori Net Worth and Salary

Barbara Mori is a Mexican actress who has a net worth of $145 million dollars. While her annual salary has not been revealed yet.

Having voyaged from modeling to television and now big screen, she has really come a long way in her career and that it’s only getting bigger and better with time.

With impossibly acting prowess and dexterity to give justice to every other character, be it on TV series or movies, Barbara has marked an identity in the industry as one of finest actress of the time.

No doubt, Barbara has a successful career in the industry but she is also thriving as a businesswoman. The actress runs a chain of a restaurant with the brand ‘Fat Mori Burger’ in Mexico while also runs a Vodka Pure ‘Wondermori’.  She has also been running her own lingerie line as well as a fashion line called Barbara Mori Seduction.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $145 million
  • Salary: N/A

Barbara Mori Movies, Telenovela – Mirada De Mujer, Azul Tequila

An elite Mexican actress, Barbara has appeared in a wide genre of movies and telenovelas. Famed with the leading role of Azul in TV series ‘Azul Tequila’, she later appeared in Bollywood movie ‘Kites’ that further garnered her wide acclaim and appreciation from critics.

Career Timeline:

  • Discovered by a fashion designer at the age of 14, Barbara started modeling ever since then and by the time reached 17; she had become self-sufficient and autonomous
  • Made television debut with Mexican telenovela ‘Al norte del corazon’ that eventually landed her on yet another role in comedy series ‘Tric Tac’ followed by Azteca Trece’s ‘Mirada de mujer’ the subsequent year
  • The starring role of Azul in the television series ‘Azul Tequila’ alongside Mauricio Ochamann came as a career-defining role for Mori as it marked her career identity in the industry
  • ‘Inspiracion’ and ‘Subete A Mi Moto’ was some of her highly received and commercially successful movies during the early career
  • 2004: Portrayed the title character of Rubi in critically acclaimed Mexican soap opera with the same name which ultimately won her TVyNovelas Award
  • In 2005, she played the role of Zoe in Peruvian blockbuster film ‘La mujer de mi hermano’ opposite Christian Meier
  • Her other notable work credit includes ‘Amor, Dolor y Viceversa’ co-starring Leonardo Sbaraglia and action-drama film ‘Viento En Contra’ opposite Hector Arredondo and Fernando Lujan
  • A multi-faceted artist, Mori showed her unusual side when appeared in Bollywood romantic action-thriller ‘Kites’ starring Hrithik Roshan since she was more contented and used to of working in Mexican telenovelas

Barbara Mori Age – Height and Body Measurements

With a soaring stature of 5 feet 7 inches and envious voluptuous figure, Barbara Mori makes one of the sizzling hot actresses in television. Mori is a perfect combination of good looks and talent that is only getting better with time.

With an infusion of Uruguayan and Mexican traits, Barbra has turned out ridiculously stunning and hot.

Her flawlessly carved facial structure matched by a gleaming brunette skin complexion, smoldering brown eyes and sweet smile has further made the actress flaming hot both on screen and off

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (173 cm)
  • Body Measurements: 37-24-36 inches (94-61-91.5 cm)
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)

Since she oozes glamour and sophistication from every inch of her body, Mori is no wonder remarked as a definition of coquettish sex appeal.

But coy is not the only thing that defines this model as she is also known for her grace and high fashion both in the movies and editorials. The Uruguayan born Barbara has an eye-striking hourglass body built out of an intense workout and strict diet.

When not hitting the gym or filming a movie; she spends her time hanging out with close friends and spending quality time with family. Being a fun-loving and outgoing person, she often takes a trip to exotic places around the world while also goes hiking and strolling at the beach.

Barbara Mori Ex – Husband – Kenneth Ray Sigman and Children

Barbara Mori was married to baseball player Kenneth Sigman for about a year as the couple split up soon then after.

But Kenneth was not the first man with whom she had separated as The Kite actress was formerly in a romantic relationship with actor Sergio Mayer for several years but unfortunately got split.

Mori had been cohabiting with Mexican actor-singer, Sergio Mayer for years and even shared a son named after him way before she got married to pro baseball player Kenneth Sigman.

The two almost dated each other for almost three years before exchanged the wedding vows at a private ceremony. However, the relationship didn’t turn out as expected and the couple split up a year after their marriage.

Over the time, she was also romantically involved with various Mexican and Colombian stars including Manolo Cardona and Jose Maria Torre. Since 2012, she had been dating American actor Jon-Michael Ecker, the relationship, however, didn’t work out and the couple broke up two years later.

Barbara, a native of Montevideo, Uruguay was born to Japanese-Uruguayan father Yuyi Mori and Mexican mother Rosario Ochoa. She was 3 years old when her parents separated from each other after which she was requisite to split her time between Mexico and Uruguay in order to spend time with both the parents.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: Yuyi Mori and Rosario Ochoa
  • Husband: Kenneth Ray Sigman (2016-2017)
  • Children: 1 (Sergio Mayer Mori)
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Having accompanied by two siblings, Kintaro Mori and Kenya Mori, a forthcoming actress throughout childhood made Barbra’s life quite unfussy and simple.

After spending an entire childhood in two different cities around the world, she eventually settled down in Mexico City since the age of 12.

Two years later while working as a waitress at a local diner in Mexico, she caught the eye of elite fashion designer Marcos Toledo and soon teamed up with him to work as a model.

To furnace a career path and make ends meet in both acting and modeling, she took a brief course at El Centro de Estudios de Formacion Actoral, a Mexican multimedia conglomerate.