Are We Too Young For This Tiktok Song Lyrics: Meaning and Videos Explained

“Are We Too Young For This” is the new trending song over TikTok; many influencers have started to make a content video on it. 

There is a new trend on TikTok, and people have loved it. The social media star who was able to get many views through the short video has started their content based on it.

Although the trend is news, it has started taking over TikTok. With the users following it, the song has managed to get millions of viewers.

Let’s talk about the song and that TikTokers have been vibing with it.

Are We Too Young For This Tiktok Song Lyrics

“Are We Too Young For This” is the TikTok song by a notable artist, The Neighbourhood. It is softcore with slowed reverb lyrics.

TikTokers have been using this song to make their short content videos. While trying to keep up with the trend, the users have used this song leading it for hits.

Over and above that, only certain parts of the song’s lyrics are getting used to the trend. It goes as: –

” Are we too young for this?

FEELS like I can’t move,

sharing my heart

It’s tearing me apart

But I know I’d miss you, baby, If I left right now.”

While some users have used these lyrics, others have just cropped the lyrics and made their content.

Are We Too Young For This Meaning

“Are We Too Young For this” is a slowed reverb song with softcore music and soft beats added to the music. People have loved its complex fusion of music.

The song has thrilling beats added to it with a slowed reverb. And with a softcore, the listeners have just got addicted to it.

“Are We Too Young For This” seems like a joyful song. But the song lyrics are a bit tilted towards a sad sentiment.

It is mainly about the heartbreak and separation faced by two beloved peoples. Or the feelings of losing someone closed to the heart.

Are We Too Young For This Videos Explained

TikTokers have been using the “Are We Too Young For This” to make their short content video. Everyone can participate in the trend as long as they use this song.

While some users have created lipsync videos, others have expressed their exhausted feelings to match up; with the song. Additionally, the content creators have used different movie clips in it too.