Are Skhumba And Thomas Fired? Here’s What We Know About The Radio Host Duo

Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe are the powerful couples of Kaya FM who are purportedly terminated from the show. They run a digital recording called Thomas and Skhumba In the Morning on Kaya FM from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 9 am.

It is accounted for from a shut source that the team is set to leave the digital broadcast toward the finish of this current month. They have done right around 700 episodes of the webcast together. Fanatics of the show are concerned after the insight about the show going to be ceased begun to warm the web.

Are Skhumba And Thomas Fired? Sunday world, one of the most famous news entryways of South Africa, posted an article on the twelfth of June expressing the takeoff of Skhumba And Thomas from the show.

As indicated by the report, the news was brought to the spotlight by two staff individuals from Kaya Fm themself. They have requested to maintain their personality mystery as they are not permitted to speak with the media in regards to this point.

One of the staff referenced that the show isn’t producing sufficient income from the radio broadcast. They have been making the mornings of individuals loaded up with chuckling and delight by their jokes and energizing way of introducing those jokes.

Fans trust that the choice to take the hotshot the air won’t help the station by any means. All things being equal, they figure the prominence of different shows on the station will diminish also.

Why Are They Fired? As per one of the staff individuals who revealed the news to the media, Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe’s show must be stopped in light of the fact that it was not well known among the designated audience of the promotion being in the middle of between the show.

He likewise expressed that the show’s evaluations have gone down essentially in a couple of months.

He uncovered that the underlying arrangement was to end Skhumba just as Thomas was working on the daytime show prior to joining Skhumba on the morning show.

The organization accepted that Skhumba was without a doubt perhaps of the most capable jokester, however he was not a radio material.

Nonetheless, there has not been any authority articulation from the Kaya FM’s side about this gossip.

Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe’s Age And Wikipedia Thomas Msengana was born in 1975 in South Africa. He is prevalently known as Bad Boy T. He has lived the greater part of his life in South Africa, becoming one of the adored essences of the country.

He is hitched to Unathi Nkayi, a South African local. He is thought to be 47 years of age starting around 2022.

Skhumba Hlophe was born in Tembisa, North of Johannesburg, South Africa. He praises his birthday on the 31st of August consistently. Nonetheless, his introduction to the world year is as yet unclear. He was born and raised in South Africa.

He is hitched, yet different insights regarding his own life are as yet inaccessible. Kaya FM’s Morning Show Host’s Networth The two of them fill in as program moderators for Kaya FM. The two of them have exceptionally different vocations and have worked for various associations. Their compensation or total assets is as yet inaccessible as they have not unveiled that data.

Notwithstanding, individuals have made a few suppositions in regards to their profit on the web. What’s Next For The Dynamic Duo? On the off chance that the accompanying news is precise, Skhumba And Thomas will be permitted to have different projects like a cemetery or end of the week space. On the off chance that the organization can give a comparative agreement to them, it wouldn’t be an issue for Skhumba and Thomas to move.

In any case, the show’s fans will be disheartened by the station’s choice as a portion of the fans have proactively begun to show their disappointment.