Are Jake Atlas And Duke Hudson Dating? All We Know About Their Love Life

Are Jake Atlas And Duke Hudson Dating? 

Jake Atlas is openly gay and was in a relationship with Duke Hudson. Brendan Vink, also known by his ring name Duke Hudson, is a professional wrestler from Australia.

He is most known for his work with The Mighty Don’t Kneel in Melbourne City Wrestling.

Vink was announced to compete in the 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament under the new ring name Duke Hudson in July 2021.

Duke served as a personal trainer for Melbourne’s Goodlife Health Clubs.

Jake Atlas Arrested For Domestic Violence 

Jake Atlas, a WWE NXT alum and AEW roster member, was reportedly arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

On May 23rd, he was arrested after police responded to a domestic violence report at his and his partner’s Orlando home at 12:57 a.m.

Atlas had been out drinking that night, according to the report, and had contacted his partner to come to pick him up.

Jake requested them to stay at the bar for drinks when his partner came and attempted to drive him home.

Atlas became “physically violent” and charged toward his partner, according to the report, and another person had to move in between them to prevent an attack.

Atlas allegedly followed the partner out of the apartment and continued yelling at him as he walked away.

He attempted to attack the victim once again, and the witness intervened, leaving the victim with a scratch on his arm and a torn tank top.

Jake Atlas Charges And Mugshot

Atlas agreed to stay 500 feet away from the victim and not communicate after signing a no-contact order the day of his arrest.

He has been charged with misdemeanor battery (domestic assault) and is scheduled to appear in Orange County court on June 28th at 7:30 a.m. ET.

There’s a myth that he was taken off the AEW website roster page after his arrest, however, this isn’t true because he was never added to it after signing.

Atlas has been out of action since injuring his ACL in an AEW match in January, just a day after signing with the promotion.

People are starting to discuss Atlas and Duke on social media platforms, which is causing controversy.