Anwar Ibrahim Young, Party, Previous Office, Net Worth, Twitter

Anwar Ibrahim is a popular Malaysian politician who will soon be named the Prime Minister of the country after serving numerous years as a key member of the country’s politics.

Anwar Ibrahim Young

How did Anwar Ibrahim look when he was young? What does Young Anwar Ibrahim’s picture look like?

Anwar Ibrahim party

Which party is Anwar Ibrahim a member of? What is Anwar Ibrahim’s party? Anwar Ibrahim has been a member of the People’s Justice Party for years.

Anwar Ibrahim previous offices

Which offices has Anwar Ibrahim served previously? What are some of the previous offices served by Anwar Ibrahim? Anwar Ibrahim has served in numerous offices throughout his political career. Some of these offices include;

  • Minister of Education (1986-1991)
  • Minister of Finance (1991-1998)
  • Deputy Prime Minister (193-1998)
  • Leader of the Opposition of Malaysia (2008-2015)

Anwar Ibrahim net worth

How much is Anwar Ibrahim worth? What is Anwar Ibrahim’s net worth? How rich is Anwar Ibrahim? Anwar Ibrahim’s real net worth is not known yet.

Anwar Ibrahim Twitter

Is Anwar Ibrahim on Twitter? Does Anwar Ibrahim have a Twitter account? Anwar Ibrahim is on Twitter as @anwaribrahim. He has a verified account with over 1.5 million. He usually posts politically-related stuff and other random posts.

Below is one of the posts from his Twitter page: