Angelo Moriondo Wife And Age At Death- Espresso Machine Inventor Celebrated In Google Doodle

Godfather of espresso machine Angelo Moriondo died at the age of 62, and recently Google Doodle paid tribute to him on his 171st birth anniversary. Learn more about his married life in the below article.

Angelo Moriondo was a well-known Italian inventor who is considered the godfather of the espresso machine as he is credited for patenting the earliest known espresso machine in 1884. His machine utilized a variety of steam and boiling water to brew coffee efficiently.

He presented his innovation at the General Expo of Turin in 1884, where he was also awarded the bronze medal. Besides that, Moriondo was the owner of the Grand Hotel Ligure in Turin’s Piazza Carlo Felice. Not only that, but Moriondo was also the owner of the American Bar in the former Galleria Nazionale on Via Roma.

Furthermore, he made a comfy living from his business experiences, pursuing in the family’s footsteps as an entrepreneur, but could have been both richer and more prominent had he seen the possibility in what he had assembled.

Married Life: Angelo Moriondo Wife And Children

It’s been a long time since the passing of Angelo Moriondo, but his fans are all over the world as he is the godfather of the espresso machines. So, they often ask questions regarding his married life, but due to the lack of information, we cannot share his wife’s name.

None of the media outlets have been able to gain the details regarding his love life till now. So, we can speculate that he was either a single man or he was very secretive when it came to the topic of his personal life.

Angelo Moriondo Age At His Death

The age of Angelo Moriondo was 62 years at the time of his death. On June 6, 1851, Moriondo was born in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia. He came from an entrepreneurial family, and his grandfather founded a liqueur-producing company that was continued by his dad Giacomo.

His dad later founded the well-known chocolate company named Moriondo and Gariglio together with his brother Agostino and cousin Gariglio. Sadly, Moriondo passed away on May 31, 1914, just outside of his hometown, Turin.

Espresso Machine Inventor Angelo Moriondo Wiki

As mentioned earlier, Angelo Moriondo is credited for patenting the earliest known espresso machine in 1884. Moriondo came up with the idea of a coffee machine effectively in the hope of achieving an edge over his competitor at a time when coffee was a prevalent beverage across Europe and in Italy in particular, but it still turned on brewing methods that needed the consumer to wait five minutes or more to be able to raise a cup to his mouth.

He delivered his invention at the General Expo of Turin in 1884, and the patent was awarded for a duration of six years on May 16, 1884. The machine was actually built by a mechanic, Martina, serving under the direct supervision of the inventor. And now, Google came up with a unique doodle on Monday to celebrate Moriondo’s 171st birth anniversary.