Andy Cohen Confronts Pal Anderson Cooper About Their Different Parenting Experiences

Andy Cohen is doing combating with some major supporting jealousy. The 54-year-old Bravo have is keeping it certifiable with respect to his life as the father of 3-year-old Benjamin and 4-month-old Lucy.

Cohen actually revealed his fights with Benjamin in a movement of Instagram accounts about his angry outburst filled move away.

He later shared a fascinating video of himself and his dependable amigo, Anderson Cooper, walking around the street with their youngsters.

“So Anderson, I’m overseeing critical mental episodes and irrational fits. What are you overseeing these days?” Cohen asks his sidekick in the video.

“I don’t have any idea, my youngsters are great,” Cooper, 55, communicates grinning while simultaneously holding his 2-year-old kid, Wyatt, on his shoulders. Cooper is moreover father to half year old youngster Sebastian.

Regardless of their moving dispositions, Benjamin and Wyatt are fast mates a lot of like their notable dads. For April Fools’ Day, Andy posted a beguiling shot of the youths in the Watch What Happens Live studio together.