Andrew Tate-Taliban history explored as Public Relations Department invites Tate brothers to become ‘Afghan citizens’

English powerhouse Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, as of late gotten a proposal for Afghani citizenship from the Taliban’s true Twitter account.

A tweet by the Taliban’s Advertising Office guaranteed that they are available to “welcome” the Tate brothers. It additionally said that the public authority will furnish them with “manly travel papers.” This won’t just make them Afghan residents, yet additionally assist them with security against “grabbing.”

Nonetheless, this isn’t the initial occasion when Andrew Tate and the Taliban’s associations have become known. In January 2023, after Tate’s capture, a previous glamorous lady had guaranteed that the Taliban “are worried about the brothers.”

The lady, Sameera Khan, tweeted and guaranteed that she had talked about Andrew’s capture with the Taliban. She said that they were curious as to whether he was free and out of prison. Khan additionally guaranteed that the top of the firm stance Islamic fear association was worried about the English American media character.

The previous expert kickboxer was captured on December 29, 2022, alongside his brother in Romania, on charges of illegal exploitation.

The Taliban offer Andrew Tate and his brother citizenship and security against “Network” subsidiary countries
Tate and his brother have been in a Romanian jail for almost three months and they are being offered citizenship by the Taliban alongside an Afghan identification. The Advertising Branch of the Taliban likewise guaranteed Andrew and Tristan assurance against “Lattice” subsidiary countries.

As referenced before, this isn’t whenever the Taliban first has communicated their anxiety over the capture of the Tate brothers. In January 2023, Sameera Khan, who professes to be an “hostile to woke columnist,” guaranteed that she was facilitating a Twitter Space with the Taliban. The Space was supposedly made for the conversation about Andrew Tate’s capture.

In a tweet, she utilized #TopG, a nickname given to Tate by his fans, and composed:

Sameera Khan likewise made a few tweets where she guaranteed that Taliban chiefs commended the Tate brothers. She said that they were interested to find out about the case and Andrew and Tristan’s capture in Romania.

Notwithstanding, a significant number of the tweets were hailed by goaded netizens, and were erased from the stage. Neither of the Tate brothers have answered the proposition made by the Taliban or Sameera Khan.