‘Andor’ Star Diego Luna On Exploring Cassian’s ‘Revolutionary Awakening’ Before ‘Rogue One

Following the result of The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Star Wars universe continues to foster TV with another new side venture, Andor.

The latest Disney+ series made by Tony Gilroy and highlighting Diego Luna voyages again into the past before the film Dissident One: A Star Wars Story, to research the political interest including the start of the rebellion as common people push back on life under the Domain.

For Gilroy, who co-made Radical One, the two-season series acquainted an astonishing opportunity with “return and figure out how this individual [Cassian Andor] ended up in Dissident, being the person that he is and doing what he does and giving his life for the universe,” he tells ET.

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Set five years before the events of the film, which saw Luna’s hero, Cassian Andor, relinquishing his life to execute the Extreme Alliance’s most critical feasible blow against the Domain, an event recently alluded to in the opening shot of Star Wars: Another Assumption, Andor’s conclusion may right now be known at this point the trip there stays dark. Starting as of late.

“The individual goes from A to B. We both know what An and B are. However, what we don’t know is what’s in that frame of mind between,” Luna says, it is finally about “the layers that consistently you don’t consider, it about’s in that frame of mind of inside to figure out that the series.”

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