All About Carolyn Warmus Story Behind Murder Of Betty Jeanne Solomon And Where Is She Now?

The story of Carolyn Warmus behind the murder of Betty Jeanne never ceased to surprise the world. After two decades of the crime, Carolyn still says that she has been falsely imprisoned, whilst the actual murderer, her husband, roams free. 

The Warmus case sparked a media frenzy. Initially, her lover Paul Solomon was the major suspect in the Scarsdale killing of his wife Betty Jeanne.

His numerous relationships, a dubious life insurance policy and a lucrative movie deal drew him into the spotlight.

Murder: Carolyn Warmus Story

Carolyn Warmus’s story begins with her (being a former elementary school teacher from the United States who was convicted at the age of 28 of murdering her lover’s wife, 40-year-old Betty Jeanne Solomon, in 1989.

Following a hung jury in her first trial in 1991, Warmus was found guilty of second-degree murder and unlawful possession of a handgun in her second trial in 1992. She was freed from jail on June 17, 2019, after serving 27 years for the murder.

Warmus was detained in Westchester County, New York, at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. She was subjected to a number of affirmed disciplinary actions, which were cited at her first parole denial in early 2017.

Moving on, that same year, Warmus, asserting her innocence, requested that DNA be tested on glove evidence uncovered by her ex-lover Paul Solomon between the first and second trials.

Following that, the Westchester County prosecutors agreed to DNA testing of the glove, as well as semen collected from the victim and blood discovered in the victim’s husband, Paul Solomon’s, tote bag, in May 2021.

DNA testing was never performed on any of the evidence.

Why Did Carolyn Warmus Kill Betty Jeanne Solomon?

As per the articles online, Carolyn Warmus killed betty Jeanne Solomon because she was the mistress of her husband. The murder case drew global attention and drew analogies to the 1987 film Fatal Attraction, which depicted a love affair that turned lethal.

The Warmus case spawned two made-for-TV movies, six distinct episodes on various television networks, and at least one book.

Carolyn had intended to marry her high school lover, but things altered when he died in a vehicle accident. According to New York Magazine, she began dating Paul Solomon, another SUNY New Paltz student, in the spring of 1967.

According to one of Betty Jeanne’s acquaintances, who was interviewed for the magazine piece, the new man in her life is “possessive and overbearing.”

Where Is Carolyn Warmus Now?

Carolyn Warmus was freed from jail on June 17, 2019, after serving 27 years for the murder. Warmus has always stated that she was incarcerated for a crime she never committed.

The only crime she agrees to have committed was to marry a married man.

Moving on, Warmus said she wants the truth to come out now since she is up for parole in January.

She also stated that she is critically ill with a brain tumour and has asked Governor Cuomo for pardon so that she can clear her reputation before being freed or dying in jail.